20 Business ideas you can turn into a side hustle in Nigeria

<img src = 'bizidea.png' alt = 'bizidea'>In my previous post, we were made to understand some side hustles in Nigeria you can start and be making money. Do you know that Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with about 198million people as at January, 2019. If we can turn our ideas into a side hustle and try to engage even 1% of these people in a sales events, not only would we be making huge amount of money but we will never have to complain of cash ever again. These business ideas are;


1. Blogging

Blogging happens to be the first on the list because it is what I do. Are you a good writer and have passion for creative writing? If your answer is yes, then, turn your ideas into a side hustle and be making money either on a part time or full time basis. If you enjoy writing, find a topic you’re passionate about and start a website dedicated to covering that topic and anything else (Just about any topic).

All you need is a computer, some time, and some energy to consistently write. It can start as a hobby and turn into a business over time. And blog hosting can cost between $10-$12 per month.

There are lot of hosting services out there both nationally and internationally. In Nigeria, I would recommend Whogohost and internationally, I would recommend Bluehost. (Reviews coming soon!)

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is a side hustle I would recommend to new mompreneurs who are taking care of their little ones and have this natural love for kids generally. There are a lot of mothers and career women out there looking for babysitters and this can be a great side hustle to venture into at one spare time especially on weekends

3. Buying and reselling on e-commerce sites

Ecommerce sites are the In-thing these days where people buy products at a discounting rate and resell them on Ecommerce sites. You have probably heard of Jumia, Konga, shopify etc where you can open an online store and be making extra cash.

4. Cake baking and decorating

Do you enjoy baking and decorating cakes? This can serve as a side hustle for the cake loves like me. Before you can start this as a side hustle, you will need to learn how to do it and be making money baking for people especially for special events like Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation ceremonies, Anniversaries etc.

You can also sell your creations or skills online through your facebook or instagram page.


5. Freelance writing

There are lot and lot of firms and businesses/publications out there in need of people to write contents for their products or services. Working as an online freelancer is a way to go if you are good in writing. You can position yourself as an expert in this field and be making extra cash either from home or an office.

6. Car Washing

Actually, I wouldn’t recommend this side hustle for women but there are a lot of women out there that are doing the car washing business and are even doing it better than their male counterpart.  If you are the type that love making cars sparkling clean, why not start this as a side hustle and be making extra income rendering this service. People actually pay well when they are happy with your services.

7. House/Office cleaning

There are so many career women or couples out there who are too busy to do general cleaning of their homes. Also some people naturally dislike doing one form of cleaning or the other and they would rather prefer to pay someone to do them. Also, many business owners and some organizations do require individuals who can help in cleaning their offices and other areas mostly outside normal business hours. This can serve as a great means of earning extra cash by tapping into this business.

8. Creating custom clothing

Do you have the skills in designing and customizing clothes? While not turn this idea/skill into a side hustle and be making extra cash from it. You can be customizing for people for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, kids birthdays etc within your locality and you can also selling your products online via ecommerce sites and on social media.

9. Refurbishment of Old stuff

Are you the type that loves renovating old stuff and making them new again? Why not turn this into a side hustle by refurbishing and selling your old stuff on jiji.ng and olx.com.ng

10. Personal chef

Becoming a personal chef to some households is another great initiative for those that love cooking varieties of dishes. There are a lot of families out there who needed some time to connect and reconnect during weekends after being apart because their jobs, the stress of working during the week instead going through the stress of shopping and cooking during weekends again. Being a personal chef to such people would be a great relieve and they would pay you well for helping out.

  1. Meal-to-go preparations

What about preparing early morning meal for both your family and other families who are interested in buying food in the morning instead of preparing the meals by themselves? You can be preparing bowls of soup for your family and sell part of it to other clients to cover your cost and make some profits. You can start by taking people’ orders to have an idea or ideals of what to prepare ahead of time.

12. Bead Making

If you are passionate about making bead/handmade jewelries, this can serve as an amazing side hustle for you. You can actually sell these items online and your skill as well.

13. Proofreading and editing

You can turn your strong English skills and exceptional grammar into a side hustle and be making extra cash within the comfort of your home by being an editor and a proofreader.

14. Public Speaking

Are you an eloquent speaker? Do you have the ability of capturing the attention of people easily? You can turn this into a side hustle and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will be making themselves available to you.

15. Soap making and skincare products

Making amazing homemade soaps and other DIY products can serve as a side hustle for those interested in the skincare niches. People actually prefer organically made products to chemicals. If you are an expert in making homemade DIY products like, Body Oils, Soaps, Beard oil, Body Butter, Lightening serums, Peeling Oils and Serums then you are good go.

16. Website design

Most businesses are now extending their business reach online and Many of them are desperately in need of a website to achieve their goals of having an online presence in order to increase sales and make more profit. Ife you are good in field,

get a few clients to start by creating sites for them at reasonable prices and be making cool cash.


17. Wedding planner

A great way to get started with this side hustle is to develop a website or blog on wedding topic, get to know people online, and promote your services at local wedding venues and throughout the community.

18. Affiliate marketing

This involves selling other peoples products and be getting paid on commission basis. Do your research to know the best affiliate programs to join and be earning extra cash. Some of the ones I know of are Jumia, Konga, Amazon associates program, Clickbank etc.

19. Become a business or life coach

Use your ideas and skills to help people out in various ways by being a business or life coach. Use your passion and expertise to give advice and suggest actionable steps people can take to improve their professional and personal lives.

20. Start a resume writing service

Do you know the number of graduates we have out there looking for jobs? If you’re good at crafting amazing resumes that ultimately result in people getting a job, consider marketing those services to people. Though, you may need basic software to get started, most of your work will revolve around writing, editing, designing, and proofreading.

Do you know of any business idea one can turn into a side hustle? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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