24 Things You Should Know Before Having Your First Child

Parenting is far more too tough than one would ever think. When we were younger, we never first time momappreciated our parent efforts not until we started having our own kids before we then realized all they must have gone through while taking care of us back then. To prepare the minds of soon to be moms and the first time moms, the following are the things they should know before having their first child

1. Parenting is very tough, get prepared!

2. Babies’ are very fragile, be careful while caring them especially the newborn.

3. You should always make your kids go to the bathroom or toilet severally before taking them anywhere. To avoid the song “I want to wee or poo uncountable times”

4. Kids need attention more than you can ever imagined, no matter what you do, they will continue to seek it.

5. Your sleeping hours are determined and planned by your newborns not by you especially in the first two months of their arrival.

6. Kids can be naughty and destructive sometimes, stress less about it.

7. Your kids are watching you every day for ideas on how to be a human. Be wise.

8. The only option for your baby or toddler to communicate with you is by crying, you have to continue guessing what the problem is until they stop crying.

9. When your baby falls down, if don’t panic or freak about it, they wouldn’t too.

10. When you are nursing a baby, don’t expect to be able to keep fit at the same time

11. When your new born are fast asleep, drop whatever you are doing and catch some sleep too.

12. Do not expect Kids to keep a secret.

13. Yelling at kids make them more stubborn.

14. Kids will ask for way more toys than they need.

15. Your newborn would need more clothes than you ever thought especially during raining season.

16. Kids learn to calm down more when you put them in water. The splash from the water makes them happy.

17. Kids have an amazing memory. If you don’t want to disappoint a friend visit request, just tell them to remind you.

18. Toddlers and kids will feel scared each time you try to throw them up but calm down once they are secured

19. Try to give yourself a break by distracting or engaging them

20. Your newborn will pee and poo in their diaper, learn how to change a diaper.


21. Kids eat way less food than you think. You have to force them to eat at times.

22. You aren’t doing anything wrong if potting training isn’t working, is probably because your baby is not ready.

23. You need a lot of Patience, cuddling, hugging in taking care of newborns/toddlers and kids

24. Above all, learn to put your kids first in life.

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