25 Sentences Your Teenage boys Should Understand

25 Sentences Your Teenage boys Should Understand

The following sentences or statements should always be spent out to our children especially the male folks before they become teenagers or before they become adults.Teenagers

  1. Real men understand when they are wrong and try to put things right by apologizing.
  2. It is important to be a true and good friend, though having good friends around you might be a blessing.
  3. Be sensible around girls, though they have good sense of smell.
  4. Always be yourself, trying to change to impress someone is a bad one.
  5. Being a drunkard is pathetic, be sensible.
  6. Do not allow your relationships go sour with your siblings because you can never replace them. They will always be the only people that remember your childhood.
  7. Trying to work hard without sleeping will only constitute a problem but over sleeping is a bigger problem.
  8. Sport activities will help you physically and mentally, give it a try!
  9. Treat women beautifully anywhere any time. Your father was never cruel!
  10. When is time to get married choose wisely, choose from your heart and not from your head.
  11. At certain point in your life, you need to give your body a good food, not junks.
  12. Don’t be too engrossed with playing video games or watching thriller movies, believe me they only steal your precious time.
  13. Save a few amount when necessary you might need to buy a gift for a special person.
  14. You need to leave good impression anywhere and everywhere you go, always look good and smile nice.
  15. Plan your laundry schedule, always get some neat cloths ready, the job interview might be sooner than you expected.
  16. Always be truthfully to yourself and others.
  17. Do not always rely on people, they might let you down.
  18. Listen to your woman’s advice on personal improvement, diet and hygiene but abandoning your parents and focusing on her alone, you shouldn’t listen to her.
  19. Remember good manner is a sign of gratitude to your parent, teachers and guardians, don’t forget your manners.
  20. In time of disappointments, turn to God and speak with your parents to help you deal with it.
  21. Pick your parents calls promptly and if you miss the calls, call them back immediately.
  22. Do not intimidate people with your physical size, be warned.
  23. Drugs will not only waste your money but destroys you and your parent reputation as well as get you into trouble with the law.
  24. Always be willing and ready to give a helping hand to someone.
  25. Learn to trust yourself and don’t doubt people’s intentions either.

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