7 Ways to Get More Users on Your Forum

Less attention is given to forum these days due to the present of the social media but it cannot be completely ignored. Forum is the community of people with common interest. Unlike on social media where we can have wide range of social acquaintances. There are several forums out there ranging from sport, games, women, Various school forums all with shared interest.

Some forums run into millions of members but how can you make yours stand out despite the present of the social media? Although, it is not easy convincing people to join yours but still you can achieve this with the help of the following tips;

Active and Helpful Personally
Personally as an admin owner of the forum, you should be more actively involved in most of the activities. You tend to gain more authority and trust when you are actively involved. Also remember that people visit forums for so many reasons either to seek for help on a problem or to network with other people and your full participation is highly valuable.

Put An Email Opt in Section on the Site
Another way to get more users on your forum is to have an opt in section where people’ email addresses are collected. Through these addresses, you can keep your members informed on certain issues concerning the forum and how they can benefit massively from the forum. Also you can inform the new members on how they can use the site and be more comfortable navigating around it. You can also have a question and answer section especially for the newbie where they can just type in their questions and get answers almost immediately.
Encourage Participation and Sharing
Forum should always give room for full participation and provide an avenue  for people or members to share their views, There should always be a kind of motivation for members to always think returning back to the site.
Promote Users
Although most forums do not allow members to promote or leave a promotional message but to get more users on your forum, you can create a section for promotion where members can leave messages concerning their products.
Use Your Forum For Value
Anothere way to grow your forum is using it for values. When visitors discover that your forum site is full of valuable informations and messages there would have no choice than to think of joining your community.
Hide Value from Guests
It is always good to hide some of the valuable posts or messages of active members from outsiders or non-members so as to encourage the non-members to register and become part of the community to be able to see members posts.
Actively Moderate Your Forum
Also, it is always advisable to get rid of spam posts on your community so as not to lose users. Try as much as possible to get rid of old accounts or non active accounts cause bots can set in through this channel to spam the community or members.


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