9 Reasons All Children Need To Embrace Good Manners

Good manners go a long way in revealing the kind of person you are and your family backgrounds. But why do we attribute bad manners to the way a person is being brought up, we tend to blame the parents for every bad manners of their kids and teenagers not minding the environments and bad company they keep without the knowledge of the parents. This boiled down to the fact that we parents have no choice but to continue to admonish and remind our kids and teenagers why it is very crucial for them to always embrace good manners and shun bad habits.

We have to always let our children understand the following;

  1.  Good and bad impressions can be noticed within seconds- the kind of impression you create either good or bad with people live with them forever, always create a good one.
  2. Bad manners are blamed on parents and teachers, don’t make us look bad in front of peoples.
  3. Good manners indicates gratitude to your parents, guardians and teachers, always display it.
  4. Good manners are very important in a world that is neglecting them.The society is so bad to the extent that parents see nothing wrong in certain behaviors in kids and teenagers. You have to stand out from the crowd and embrace good manners always.
  5. Pretending to be good in order to earn a reward or get something in return is always a bad one, cos the real you will still come out, be yourself, show kindness and be polite always
  6. A great number of people have contributed positively in your live. Do not rob their faces in the mod by being disrespectful.
  7. Learn to always use words like please, am sorry, thank you just the way you used to say them as a kid, don’t throw them away because you are now a grown up.
  8. Appreciating others just the way you love to be appreciated is a sign of good manners, learn to always say thank you.
  9. There are people you will never see face to face but yet are still your friends either or Facebook, twitter or via Whatapp group chats, good manners should always be displayed by you in every virtual conversations because it portray the real you. Always respect the rules of every virtual groups and always approach people nicely with kind words in those groups.

Perhaps you have other tips to share with us on this topic as a parent or guardian, feel free to do that in the comment box below. Thank you.

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