Are Blogs Obsolete?

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_230/' data-src="blog.png" alt="blog">Blogging  as an online business is much different than it was years ago. Some people believed that blogging is obsolete, but many of us still believe it is the best way to put up an online business, build a community or relationships and make money.

The sayings that blogs are now obsolete has been going around on the internet for some time. While it is true that the previous decade was the golden age of the blog, that does not mean they have totally gone. A blog, after all, is simply another method of getting information or entertainment in front of interested people. To me, blogging can definitely work for you!

What is replacing  blogs?

What is actually replacing  blogs is the social media. Between Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and all the other ones available out there, people have more choices to interact quickly because they simply do not have to read anything over two sentences anymore. Blog posts are usually much longer than that and, you could argue, much more packed with quality information and entertainment.

Why you should still build your business with the blog?

Blogs are means of getting information and entertainment no doubt about that but most people still prefer the social media. Your presence or business online can still be built using the blog because Search engines still like dynamic sites or blog with up-to-date content on them.  Your business  needs to have a website or blog and of course should also  have a social media presence as well.

But wait! With the presence of so many blogs and website on the internet with so much repeated contents in them, How would your blog survive? But I can assure you today that your blog would definitely will, if you try to stand out and brand yourself in your own way. Find new or interesting information to include on your blog and be up-to-date with developments, new trends or recent news in your niche. Post regularly so that your blog or website would build followers.

Now, what do you think? Do you still believe that blogs are obsoletes? Share your thought below in the comment section!

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