Attributes of an interesting and up to date blog

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_210/' data-src="Attributes of an interesting and up to date blog.png" alt="Attributes of an interesting and up to date blog">As we all know that there are no two ways about an interesting blog that is up to date and a blog being boring  with fewer contents.

And as I have always say; an interesting blog that is up to date means more traffic and more results and a blog with fewer contents or abandoned blog means less traffic and less or no good results.

However, the following steps would guide you in knowing where you want your blog to belong

Include interesting stock photo or graphic with every text-based post

Each and every post of your should carry or must have an image and the images should be placed at the beginning of each post either to the right or to the left.

Add a video-only blog post once out of every five or ten blog post

A video only post is sometimes much more interesting and entertaining. Although not all post or blog can make use of video for explanations but if you feel and know that there is a particular topic in your niche you can explain using a video, then go ahead and post one on your blog.

Proper Search Engine Optimization

Always consider proper and effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices when including image or graphics as well as video in your blog posts. Alt or title text can include keyword phrases and textual blurbs can be used to summarize a video. Also, always save your images with your keywords and do try as much as possible to link to your old posts

Remember that blogging may not be as popular as it was before but it remains an effective way to expand your online reach, build a platform and improve brand recognition and reputation so always regard it as a real business and work very hard in order to achieve success.

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