Blogging Mistakes You Should Not Make

It is completely normal to make Blogging Mistakes. Each one holds a valuable lesson you can use to get better. Learning from other people’s mistakes is the smartest thing ever. We can avoid the time suck and gain valuable insights without going through the pain mistakes bring.

So to help you become a better blogger faster, I want to list some common mistakes that slow bloggers down and ultimately hold back their success.

Not targeting the right audience

If you are blogging just for yourself and don’t care if anyone visits your site, then you don’t need to read any further. That’s fine if you want to do that.

For those who want to build an audience, you need to KNOW who  you are serving. The clearer the perspective and more intimately you know the target audience, the better off you will be.

Sometimes a blogger starts out with a vague notion of their audience, and discovers later a more specific, narrowed audience. Or a blogger may start out serving the wrong audience at first and then adjust their content to better reach the right audience. If you’re in that place, just keep looking for who really needs your solutions.

Not Knowing Your  Niche

The noun “niche” is defined as “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

Does your blog have a niche? If you’re writing about your blogging experience in one week, and talking about something else the following weeks then  definitely you don’t have a niche.

This will make your blog to move at a snail’s pace, if it grows at all.

You need to choose a niche and keep your content pretty much focused on that niche. This is what draws a crowd. People don’t follow blogs and stay loyal to them if they cover random topics, unless the blogger is a celebrity.

Make sure the niche has an audience out there to begin with. Don’t be scared about jumping in to a large, “crowded” niche. That is a good sign. Obviously, there is a big demand for the topic. And that means there are plenty of people you can spy on to learn from their mistakes and grow faster.

Your publishing schedule

How often you post is your decision. There is no one right answer.

posting every day is difficult to sustain over time. You may find it easy at first, but eventually you will notice it becomes increasingly difficult to find good topics every day. Posting for the sake of keeping it frequent is a bad strategy because your quality begins to suffer, which turns off readers.

Posting too little is also a mistake. If you have weeks or months in between your posts you don’t gain any momentum and nobody follows you because they forget about you.

You need to determine a realistic frequency for your posts, then stick to it. Using an editorial calendar is helpful.

Blowing off an Email List

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build a loyal audience. Email is a great way to connect with readers and let them know you have a new post up. Email builds loyalty when done right. Traffic gets driven to your post, and a percentage of those visitors will leave comments and share your content.

That’s what you want, right Start building an email list as soon as you start blogging.

Not using social media or Using it wrongly

Social media is a free tool anyone can use to promote their blog posts. Instead of sharing what you had for lunch on Facebook, see how people respond to your blog posts!  If you are not doing this, you’re missing out on traffic.

You don’t want to turn people off doing it wrong, so be sure to read up on how to do most of these things. Let social media work for you by learning how each platform works. Hire some help if needed.

Your blog has no share buttons

It is better and  easier for your readers to help you get more shares on social media, and putting social sharing buttons on your blog is one way to do that

Not Selecting A Good Design For Your Blog

Your readers might get a migraine trying to read a design with colour configurations

Since reading on the web is already harder on our eyes than printed materials, you want to design your blog so that the reader is comfortable. This encourages them to stay on your site longer. And keeps their vision intact. Select an eye-friendly design and font.

Perhaps, you have another blogging mistake you  would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comment section.


There is love in sharing, do share!




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