Building A Business Without Sacrificing Your Family Life

familyBeing a mom as well as a business owner is not an easy task to combine because every second or minute counts in order to be successful in both. Every minute is precious no matter the kind of business you run, no matter the size or location of the business, your family must always come first. It is very important to set some strict rules on where, how and when you work in order not to jeopardize your family needs and aspirations. You have to decide on how you want your day, your week or weekend, holiday or vacations to be like. You have to set your business goals as well as your home goals and you have to give priority to each and every rule set by you. One rule should not thrive  at the expense of the other. Think beyond making a living by working, you need to understand why you are working in the first place.

Having set your rules, these rules must be followed swiftly, every minute or hour must be scheduled accordingly, time to be with your family, follow by time to take care of the needs of your kids, time to do some work out or exercise to remain healthy, time to do some meditations as well as time to think and do your business or work. Be focus when you are performing each role at the time set aside for each task. To run your home and your business at the same time, all you need is discipline in order to succeed in both.

Sincerely, in building a business and running your home at the same time requires planning and practice to detect what works best for you. You can’t plan your business with another persons’ time, needs and aspirations. Only you can make your decisions on how you intend to achieve your aims, objectives and goals and how you intend to build a happy home. Though, at times, one may need to ignore one duty (Family or Business) totally in order to attend to the other in cases like a sick child or an unexpected home accident that requires urgent attention occurs as well as a work load or an office tasks that can’t be left uncompleted, you need to let your partner or family members understand the situation on ground and in the case of home or family issues, you need to let your coworker or coworkers (in case you are working for or with someone) know the problem on ground. Sometimes, a single phone call to either party can fix a whole lot of stress or things.

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