Business Ideas for the Aspiring Mompreneur

<img src=',ret_wait,w_141,h_85/' data-src="entrepreneurmuslimmomsimages.2.jpg" alt="entrepreneurmuslimmomsimages.2">This post is to guide the aspiring mompreneurs on what kind of business or businesses they can start. If you’re an aspiring mompreneur, looking to make the most out of your past experiences, skills, and current schedule, then read on…

For moms that love writing and connecting with people and brands through content creation, the following business ideals are great;

1. Blogging

Blogging involves showcasing your passion through content creation and writing. The great thing about blogging is that It has very low start-up costs and its something you can do on the side until you can begin to make a profit or set up sponsorship deals. You can get the most out of your busy schedule by mommy blogging and from there becoming a mompreneur making money from your blog

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Mommy blogging has become very popular these days and as an aspiring mompreneur, you can make use of this opportunity by  combining  your knowledge of being a mother and raising kids with your creativity, curatorial skills, and writing skills in creating awesome content for other soon-to-be and new moms.

Monetizing can be in form of product listing, forum participation, reviews of products or sponsored posts. Also, other moms can use your mommy blog as a resource to guide them through motherhood. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to be a mom blogger. There are so many things to blog about but try as much as possible to find your way around a topic and ensure your blog has a focus.

2. Freelance Writing

This business idea is great and amazing in the sense that you can actually work from anywhere and at any hour of the day. If you’re at home while your kids are at school, you can actually write for blogs and brands with ease. It is one of the most lucrative ways to be a mompreneur because it is easy and convenient.

Freelance writing most often entails writing blog posts and articles for larger brands or publications, but there are other freelance writing opportunities for mompreneurs to consider, for example, eBook authoring or publishing your own self written ebook.

As a writer you can make a lot of money per article when published on the most popular and influencing sites. But of course, you’ll have to have a solid hold on grammar and editing, and be able to accurately synthesize other content in engaging ways.

3. Grant Writing

Just as freelance writers can work from anywhere, grant writers have a lot of freedom to work on their own time and from any location. Grant writing involves helping non-profit and charity organizations secure or raise funds or host events, by offering grant-writing services. This can also stand as a good way to start your mompreneur journey by grant-writing for organizations.


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