Business Ideas for the Numbers-Oriented Mompreneur

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_236/' data-src="Business ideas.png" alt="Business ideas">Numbers-Oriented Mompreneur are those mompreneurs that are very good or have little knowledge in mathematics, computing, and crunching numbers. If you fall into this category as a mompreneur, the following business ideas are for you;

1. Online Courses/ Information Services

Giving online course is becoming rampant these days. One good thing about online course is the time flexibility it gives. One can choose when and how to teach the online course. Aspiring mompreneurs can tap into this online education community by teaching or giving online course or courses in a particular topic or topics they are knowledgeable about. If you have teaching experience or if you are knowledgeable on a particular or complex numbers oriented topic, why not join the community of online educationists by giving online courses on a topic or skill you are passionate about.

As a Mompreneur, you can actually be providing information products on topics you are very familiar with and be making money from home. You can also sign up with skillshare or Udemy to showcase your talent through short videos on information resources in your niche on their platform. Also, you can doing online tutorials business out of your home with little teaching experience.

2. Accounting/Tax Preparation

As a mompreneur or aspiring mompreneur in the accounting and tax preparation industry, you can decide to work from home by being a virtual accounting officer where your jobs or services would be totally online and you can then visit your clients at their location if need be. If you have the skills necessary to provide accounting or bookkeeping services as well as tax preparation skills, you can be making money as an accountant. This industry is considered one of the most profitable industry for small business owners. However, you must have gone through accounting training and obtained an accounting certificate for the skills necessary for running your business.


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