Business Ideas to Embrace as a Creative Mompreneur

<img src="business-ideas-for-the-creative-mompreneur.png" alt="business-ideal-for-the-creative-mompreneur">Aspiring mompreneurs can actually put their creativity in motion and produce something meaning out of it. Stay at home moms can become work from home moms by embracing this great business ideas. Your creative skills can be showcased in the following business ideas leading you down these  paths of mompreneurship/entrepreneurship.

1. Landscaping and Gardening

If you are an aspiring mompreneur with passion for outdoor decorations and designs then this is for you- landscape design/gardening.

You can work your way through and actually become a Mompreneurs in this field by tapping into the lucrative business of landscape design or gardening and making money from it by offering services to local homeowners and businesses or by being a florist. If you have the space for it, you can easily run a floral arrangement company out of your home. Also, you will be able to decide on the amount of jobs you take on and the hours you work, making it easier to balance your momlife and business.

2. Photography

The demand for photographers at events like weddings, birthdays, housewarming etc. this days in on the high side. If photography cut your attention and you have a nice camera, why not begin a photography business. As a mompreneur, there are lot of opportunities to tap into in this area.

Although, running a full time photography business might require some space to meet clients and investment in equipment. But otherwise, photographers can still choose their own events and clients in order to be able to balance between their business and mom life.

3. Handmade Products

If you have passion for making handmade jewelries, beads, pottery, or home goods, this can be a great business opportunity  for you by making and selling your handmade products either through ecommerce websites or through social media especially instagram. You can be building your way to a successful mompreneur through consistency and handwork. You can set your own schedule to meet your home and business needs.

4. Interior Designs

If you have an eye for furniture, decorating, and organization, interior decorating could be a great business idea for you.

If you are passionate about interior decoration, becoming an interior designer might give you the creative stimulation and workload you crave for as aspiring mompreneur. Among other things you can do as someone in that line is to start small by sewing curtains and blankets for interior designers for a fee as well as a home staging business.

Home staging is the business of decorating a residential space before it’s put on the real estate market for sale. To do this home staging business, little capital is required and you can do bulk of the work from home but you will need to partner with local furniture in your area and can start servicing clients  like your family and friends before moving to public spaces and companies

5. Apparel Designer

Mompreneurs with an eye for cloth designs can get into this business. If you have sewing and design skills, this business is easy to build out of your home and on your own time.

Joining the apparel industry is a perfect way to become a mompreneur because you can start small while splitting your time between your business and your family. You can open a boutique and be selling apparel products.

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