Creating A Blog Using The Blogspot Blogging Platform

In this article, i shall be discussing Creating A Blog with Blogspot <img src ="blogger.png" alt="blogger">Platform. There are so many platforms you can use for your blogging business but  i shall be walking you through the blogger/Blogspot platform.

Today, I shall be talking about blogging using the blogspot platform cause is always a good place to start as a beginner in the blogging biz. You can always start a blog for free without the need of buying a domain name or hosting plan and your blog becomes live immediately you set it up but you can always upgrade by buying a custom domain for the same blog later when you must have gained more experiences.

To set up your blog, go to or using your Gmail account. Sign in with your gmail, name your blog, choose a theme and click on create. After that, you will be taking to your dashboard where you will start creating your blog posts and pages.

<img src ="blogger tutorial.png" alt="blogger tutorial">

To publish your first post, Click on new post, you will be taking to the post editor where you can type, edit, insert tables or pictures or insert pictures and publish

How to insert links in your post

Highlight the text you want to convert to a link then click on LINK on the post editor. You can either choose to open the link in a new tab when someone click on it or  open it within your blog.

There are a lot of things you can do through your post editor by navigating around and by previewing how your blog looks by using the preview your website button on the upper part of your dashboard.


You can change the fonts of your blog, insert pictures, make use of the jump break etc.

Using your settings

When you look down to the left of  your dashboard, you will locate your settings. The first setting is the basics; here you can set or edit the title of your blog, the description of your blog as well as your blog privacy. That is if you would like the search engine to find your blog or not which of course you must definitely check the yes boxes. Also, you will find or edit your blog address, Author of the blog as well as the people that should see your post which you must choose anybody or public.



Post and Email settings

Here you find your post settings as well as your comments settings as seen below;



How to Use Blogger Gadgets



Go to layout on your dashboard to make use of some of the blogger tools or gadgets. There are about twenty seven  gadgets that you can use to add some other things to your blog. For example you can use the HTML/Javascript Gadget to add your affiliate codes or other codes to your blog, Images gadget to add images, Pages gadget to set up your pages etc.



How to Add Pages/Navigation Tabs to your Blog

Click on Pages on your dashboard, your editor appears, type in all you want people to know about you page and click on publish. Then you will go back to your layout to locate the pages gadget from either the header or footer depending on where you want your pages to be, click on add gadget, this will take you to all the gadgets then  locate the pages gadget, name your page, check it and click on save. Preview your blog to see your page.

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