Does It Worth It? Buying Traffic or Views For YouTube Video.

This is a question I ask myself most times concerning buying traffic or views for YouTube videos. YouTube term of service actually frown at buying traffic to promote YouTube videos but at times people still go against this rule by buying views from  third-party websites around the internet. Although, Google and YouTube do allow buying of views in as much as you are doing the purchasing through Google using their pay per click business model and you are sure of getting views and you are not really penalized much for false views. However, if you buy views in an unauthorized way the view may disappear due to YouTube algorithm which determines if views are legitimate or not and this is why views beyond 400 are represented with a plus sign (400+).

Another thing that can happen if you buy views is that you can have your YouTube account blocked or you may have your video or videos taking down. You may lose all the engagement to that particular video or all your videos and finally, you can have your account suspended and then you lose money as well as all your efforts and time.
All these things usually happen when you buy too many views. Some people go as far as buying views in millions instead of in thousand and this becomes suspicious. Sincerely, promoting your video or videos through social media especially through Reddit as well as through your blog by embedding the video code can get you great results.
Also, some of these views you buy are actually bot views which in terms of profitability you don’t get anything cause bot views will only give you views but will not increase your conversions cause you do not expect bots to click your ads. In Addition to this, some people are paid a few bucks to view videos and these set of people only spend a few seconds around your video but in the real sense, they don’t even care about your video nor would they care about your ads not to talk of clicking them for you to make profit.

In conclusion, no one is against buying of Youtube views but do it moderately so as not to put your account under the risk of suspension and some other problems associated with buying of youtube video views.

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