Early Pregnancy Signs You May Have Before a Missed Period

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Early Pregnancy SignsAt times you might be contemplating on whether you are pregnant or not due to some things or signs you are experiencing and you couldn’t figure it all out what was wrong.




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The following are some of the signs to look out for in case or by chance you’re pregnant.

1.) Nausea

This sign is not a common thing at the very early stage of pregnancies but some do have it say from 2weeks but as for me, I don’t used to feel this until am 6weeks gone.

For those that are not first time moms like me, we should have noticed that pregnancy date is actually counted or calculated by medical professionals starting from the first day of your last period, not the day you actually conceived, so, it is possible to experience nausea at a very early stage of the pregnancy before a missed period.

2.) Dizziness

Dizziness is another sign of pregnancy that is not really common to all pregnant women. Dizziness is a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance. In my own case, I never for once felt dizzy during pregnancy and this is the reason why I said is not a common thing for all women during pregnancy but if at all you feel dizzy or you feel dizzy more often, it might be that you are pregnant before a missed period.

3.) Strong emotions.

This sign might occur at a very early stage into the pregnancy but not common to all women at this stage. Being emotional or being dramatic at times might sets in when one just took in or at the very early stage into the pregnancy. One might get annoyed over trivial matters or issues. You might get emotional by crying, get irritated at times or get annoyed unnecessarily. All these might occur before you test positive or afterwards.

4.) An Increase in sense of smell

During pregnancy, one sense of smell tends to intensify. There is an improvement in one sense of smell starting from the early stage of the pregnancy. It is also possible you get terrible smell aversions/scents that normally wouldn’t have bothered you, if you weren’t pregnant.

5.) Sore thighs and Breast.

The first few weeks into the pregnancy, some women might experience this sign of sore thighs or even sore muscles before a missed period. A lot of women also feel breast tenderness, some might even feel sore legs but this is usually at the third trimester. This sign is unique though to some pregnancies.

You might experience one or even all these signs during your first pregnancy and it might not be the same experience for the rest of your pregnancy.

Perhaps you would like to with us some of the signs you noticed during your pregnancy journey, do share it with us in the comment section.

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