Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_207/' data-src="Email marketing Mistakes.png" alt="Email marketing Mistakes">There are various things that can go wrong in email marketing if one is not careful. Though no one is perfect no matter how skilled one may be or one’s level of experience unknowingly, one can still make a mistake in email marketing.

However, these mistakes can be identified and avoided in order to achieve a successful email marketing campaign. Huge mistakes a lot of marketers do make and how to avoid them are highlighted below;

Email marketers who are also experienced in graphics designing with different software packages do get carried away at times by constructing emails texts entirely out of images thinking that images captures the attention of their audience the more, forgetting that not all customers’ internet connections and hardware supports fast loading. Some with internet connections and hardware may get the email in their mail box while majority at times don’t get the email. To avoid this mistake, always combine you email with live text that can easily be read through an html version of the email sent.

Another mistake some marketers do make is seeing an email soliciting for an action to mean the same thing as a landing page. Some email marketer tend to write their email such that one would see such email as an article or product review with lengthen texts. Trying to explain all the details about a product or products/services in one email is a common mistake to some (if not all) marketers. The best way to fix this is to always make the content or contents of your email campaign short, making your subscribers to take action by linking the email to a destination or website/landing page where you explain in details the action you want your subscribers to take.

Note that not all your subscribers would actually want to receive or read further emails from you anyway. It may be that some of them actually subscribed to your mailing then because they wanted a free gift or goodies promised in your opt-in form features. This is why the email must be as short as possible and must be able to catch their attention in order for them to actually take action or actions.

Also, sending email campaigns without considering the best time period to send it might be another huge mistake for some marketers because email sent without scheduling the best period/time to send them might not be read. Try to understand your subscribers’ schedule so as not to send them emails during the weekend, working period or during vacations so that your message would not just be ignored.

Lastly, some so called skilled marketers running email campaigns like using texts or words like “Act fast”, “Take action now”, “Free” etc  which are words targeted by strict spam filter especially those found in Gmails or Yahoo mails making those emails dumped in the spam folders leading to their subscribers not reading the email sent because they never get them on less they check their spam folders.

To run a successful email marketing campaign or campaigns, these mistakes must be avoided.

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