Google Adsence Alternatives

< img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_217/' data-src="Google-adsense-alternatives.png" alt=" Google-adsense-alternatives">There are so many Google Adsense alternatives but most people are not
aware of this. Google Adsense definitely has been known to be one of the largest advertising network and leading industry when it comes to advertising. There is no doubt about the fact that Google Adsence is one of the easiest way to make money on the internet using a blog or website but getting approval, is very difficult atimes with their strict rules and regulations as well as their policies here and there. The Good news is that you do not need to worry too much about Google Adsence as there are so many alternatives to it. Though you may not earn as much as you will earn if it were to be Google Adsence but still with adequate traffic to your blog or website, you are bound to make some cash.
If you have been denied of approval or banned without reason, then check out the following Google adsence  alternatives;

Chitika Inc: This website was founded in 2003 in south Indian. It  is a search-targeted advertising network and research firm. Chitika  renders 3 different products or kinds of ads to the users. We have chitika mobile which makes the standard Chitika premium ads to change dynamically when the user is on a mobile device, we also have Chitika premium ads itself which shows ads to people that get to a page directly from a major search engine. Also, we have the Chitika local Ad Exchange which brings together ads that are search targeting and local ads. They pay through paypal and cheque and the minimum payout is $10

Bidvertiser: This is another Google Adsence alternatives. It is a Pay Per Click based program that offers a fully customizable and content based advertisements. It allows website or blog owners to sell their ad space automatically and directly giving room for advertisers to place their ads directly on any website or blog of their choice and they pay only when a visitor clicks. Bidvertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads. Also they offer an affiliate program which is optional, but can help you earn extra cash. The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a paypal account or $25 which can be received via Standard Cheque.

 Kontera Technologies Inc: This ad network was also  founded in 2003, it offers in-text advertising and information services. It is a leading provider of In Text advertising for any blog or website, delivering state of the art contextual ads. There are over 140 million monthly unique users on the Kontera network. Kontera ads are used in over 1% of the top 10,000 websites ranked by traffic. They also pay through paypal or cheque with minimum payout of  $50.

Luminate Inc: This is an ad network that was founded in 2008 then it was known as Pixazza Inc. It is regarded as the World’s first platform for image applications. It is currently the market leader in making images more interactive. It currently serves more than 150 million users per month and 30 billion pageviews per year. How its works is that when a user mouse-over’s an image, displaying the related products and information to that user. It takes into account the keywords that have been tagged with an image and then display the relevant ads accordingly. The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a paypal account or via Standard Cheque.

Infolinks Inc: This is an ad network leading in pay per click In-Text advertising services, working with online content publishers or bloggers worldwide. It delivers highest click-through-rate in the industry, and lead the market with innovative technologies that bring the advertisers the highest ROI and the publishers the highest earnings. It provides website or blog visitors with the advertisements that truly matches their interests as they read. Advertisers reach global markets with local precision, via 300 million unique views across 50,000+ premium sites that work exclusively with Infolinks. They also pay through paypal with the minimum payout of  $50 and through bank wire with the minimum payout of  $400.
So you can see that you need not to worry much about Google Adsence cause there so many Google Adsence Alternatives.
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