Growing With A Business Name

business nameBusiness name cannot be overemphasized in business or entrepreneurship. It is as important as the business we are about to start itself. In naming our business,   the future should be most paramount in our heart, we should always think of what the future would hold for that name in terms of growth and expansion. Will the business name be able to fit into the expansion or growth of the business  in the future. Yes, you have some set goals for your business and means of achieving those goals shouldn’t exclude the name of the business.

Do not allow your name to limit your expansion in the future, at times you may be interested in a particular business but along the line you might want to dive into other things in the future, will the name still hold for that Business? We shouldn’t  allow our business name to limit growth in the future. Picking a name for your business should be absolutely your choice, always think carefully before picking a name. Your brand name should always cover potential expansion in the future. The name must be flexible enough to be able to expand the business. It is important to get the name right .

The following tips would help in choosing a better name for your business;


  •  Use meaningful names
  • The name you choose should immediately convey it meaning when people hear it. Try  to make it meaningful and short as possible. Shout the name aloud yourself, does it sound meaningful? If yes, go by that name or choose another.


  • Rely on Interesting NamesThe name doesn’t have to be your real names but make sure the name or names are very interesting when people hear it


  • Use specifics NamesAlways avoid generic names that doesn’t make sense. Be specific in choosing your business name and that is why it important to think carefully.


  • Make sure you can trademark the nameYou might want to trade mark the name in the future by registering the name with the Cooperate Affairs Commission , make sure the name has not be taken already, you might need to cross check to be very sure before settling for the name depending on how big or small you want to build the brand, it is an important consideration.

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