How Do You Make Money Online in Nigeria?

Today, i shall be discussing with you how to make money online in <img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_225/make-money-online-in-Nigeria-1.png" alt="make-money-online-in-Nigeria-1">' data-src=',ret_img,w_300,h_225/make-money-online-in-Nigeria-1.png" alt="make-money-online-in-Nigeria-1">Nigeria .Online business, just like any other business requires some tactics and rigorous thinking for success to be achieved. The following tips which are in form of questions would help every Nigerian thinking of  starting a business to make money online in Nigeria to know where and how to go about it:

 What can you do online?: In starting any business, one should always think of what he or she can actually do best not what you can only do cause there are so many things everyone can do. For example, blogging as an online business requires  passion for success to be achieved cause you do not blog because people are blogging, you should blog cause you love to blog.

Who are your Audience?: This is a question of who will or who love what you can actually do best. Audiences are actually best built either through blogging or an email list. But in blogging, you must always give your audience a reason to revisit your blog or website through quality content.

What Problem do People Need to solve?: Most individuals visit the internet with a problem or problems that needed a solution or solutions. Your ability to proffer solutions to some of these problems make your audience to trust and believe in you.It is important you find out what the likely problems of your audience might be and try to as much as possible to solve them.

How do you  Make Money online in Nigeria?: You have been able to sense whom your audience are and what their problems might likely be based on your chosen niche, then it is time to make some money. There are different ways you can make money from your audience, some of which are:

Selling your product or products
You may decide to offer your visitors some valuable products that can help them to solve some problems. There are a lot of people out there who are ready to spend any amount just to get a problem solved and this is where you come in. You may decide to produce the product yourself or buy any PLR (Private Label Right) product. These products may be videos, software, eBooks or mobile apps.

Selling Advert space on you blog or website
Another sensible way to make money online is through sales of advert space on blog or website. You can help to put peoples’ banner or text ads directly on your blog or website and they in turn pay some cash for it and you can also sign up for Google adsense or its alternatives to earn commissions.

Selling other peoples’ products
Selling other peoples’ products  regarded as affiliate marketing is another way of making money online There various affiliate you can sign up for in order to earn a commission each time sales is generated through your affiliate link Some of these affiliate programmes are: Konga affiliate programme, Jumia, Clickbank, Commission Junction.
It must be noted that whatever you love to do to make money online in Nigeria, you must learn to be consistent  and  be focus in order to achieve your goal.
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