How To Achieve Success With A Blog Posting Schedule

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_217/' data-src="blog-posting-schdule.png" alt="blog-posting-schdule">A blog posting schedule would not only aid your success in the blogging biz but it also enables you treat it as a real business and remain focus. One of the most common reasons for starting a blog is to eventually make money from selling products or advertising space on them.  But what happens if this is not forthcoming? Would you quit before you even start?

A blog posting schedule helps you treat your contents as habits that must be carried out day in day out. Each blog post can take as little as twenty  minutes to complete. These may not be very long, but can be enough to attract attention of the search engines and potential readers.

TO be able to stick to your blog posting habits, the following tips would help you achieve it;

A visual reminder for your  blog posting schedule.

A  sort of visual reminder would not only help you know which day you should write a blog post, but it also helps you stay accountable when you just don’t feel like doing your work.

How often do you want to put new content on your blog?

A plan to know and note the exact day or week to put a post on your blog would go a long way in ensuring you stick to your habit of posting. Your blog or website may on a topic which require you post regularly or it may be on a topic in which if you post once in a week or month, you will be just fine. For any topic that changes frequently, such as video game news, weather or current fashions, you will have to post more often.

Make good use of posting dates.

Scheduling posts in advance right from your dashboard is a very good idea. It does not only allow you do other things but it also give room more free time to relax. You can write like ten to fifteen posts at once and schedule the time each to go live.

Outsourcing your blog content.

Outsource blog posts or contents at times might be very good cause it enables you have more articles at your disposal. You can outsource for experts in article writing with “good rating” You can also get articles with  private label rights  and post them as it is or rewrite them to make them unique.


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