How To change a Free Template Into a Unique Blog

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_210/' data-src="How To change a Free Template Into a Unique Blog.png" alt="How To change a Free Template Into a Unique Blog">Blogger and WordPress do offer so many themes and free templates to choose for the building of your blog or website but most of these templates are not professional enough but these same templates can actually be redesigned by either expert or by you to have a professional looking website or blog.

Most of these free templates are user-friendly and easy to install. Just download the file and upload it to your website host.

Hiring a designer may be too expensive so you can use an existing one enough with alot of design knowledge and any graphics software program. Before you begin, check the licensing and terms of use for the free website to make sure you can make modifications without paying.

Most templates or themes are presented with options to choose from once installed on your website. It enables those without the knowledge of HTML and CSS change the design of their websites. You can also use these templates to change the size of the header and the number of sidebars. Choose a few colors that you think would look great on your website. Note that proper design involves proper color choice. Also with the help of Widgets, design flexibility is also possible. You can also choose to insert photos and other graphics in the template.

Please, do remember to edit the titles, menu and all the content on the website. This is an easy way to create a custom site without web design knowledge.

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