How to Conduct A Pregnancy Test At Home

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Still not sure if you are pregnant or not? You can carry out a simple pregnancy test at home using a pregnancy test strip. Most pregnancy test conducted at home are accurate (say 99%) and trust me, they are affordable too. Conducting a pregnancy test within the comfort of your home can be done via; checking for pregnancy hormones in urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) using home pregnancy tests (HPTs). These home pregnancy tests do come in various forms: test strips, midstream as well as digital forms or formats.

The following would show you step by step how to conduct a simple pregnancy test at home;

  • Using a pregnancy test strip, you will need a sample of your own early morning urine (preferably because that is when the pregnancy hormone will be very concentrated) collected in a small bottle or container
  • Dip the pregnancy test strip into the sample of urine you collected for a few seconds
  • Remove the test strip from the sample and allow it to dry for a few seconds on a flat surface.
  • Read the result after a few minutes.

Results: If the result you get is showing one line, it indicates a negative result while the appearance of two lines shows a positive result but note, the second line may be faint, it is still regarded as being positive.

  • To conduct the test using a mainstream format, all you have to do is to urinate directly on the test strip
  • Allow the strip to dry by leaving it for few seconds or minutes

Results: just like the test strip above, If what you get is showing one line, this shows a negative result of no pregnancy while the appearance of two lines shows a positive result of pregnancy.

The digital pregnancy test strip is about 99% accurate from the day your period is due by counting backwards up to 4 days early. To carry out the test;

  • Just like the other two formats, you will need to use your early morning urine but It is advisable not to drink too much water before conducting the test
  • Make sure only the tip of the test stick is dip into the urinepregnancy test strip
  • Dip the test stick in the urine for 20 seconds
  • Place the test stick on a flat surface


  • Countdown within 3minutes to your result using a timer
  • The test stick will either indicate pregnant or not pregnant/Yes or No

If showing not pregnant, you can repeat this test after three days to be sure . Please don’t forget to share!                                                                                                                                                   Image

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