How To Get Yahoo Answers Traffics To Your Blog Or Website

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Generating Yahoo Answers traffics is a very good way to increase your pageviews. Unfortunately only very few bloggers and website owners know this.

Yahoo Answers, allows people to ask questions which are based on a particular issue they needed to solve and these questions are then answered by expert or experienced readers.

To generate Yahoo Answers traffics, the first thing to do is to sign up for Yahoo Answers and fill up your profile. Many people coming to that online Q&A platform don’t care about setting up good profiles.

When you answer questions related to your field, readers will see you as a reliable person, and they will tend to check out your profile to know more about you.

This is when the trick comes in, because you can promote yourself on your profile when you have a link to your blog or site on your profile, which can drive traffic to your website.

It is always good to be among the first set of people to answer the questions. Many people who look at answers to posted questions only look at the first few answers and ignore all the rest below.

Giving answers on Yahoo! Answers is a chance to show your credibility and to prove how expert you are in your niche.

Be nice when answering questions because other readers are watching how you behave online. Harsh responses will never gain credits regardless of how helpful and informative they are.

Always give a short but meaningful answer to questions cause the askers have limited time to spend online and they like quick answers.

Yahoo! Answers is a very good way to drive traffic to your blog or website but the only problem is that you cannot post your link directly in your answers cause it would be regarded as spamming the community so all you have to say concerning your link or products should be done in your profile!



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