How to Improve User Experience on Your Blog

"How to Improve User Experience on Blogs"
How to Improve User Experience Blogs

A good user experience on any blog or website is always loved by the search engines. A blog or website that is user friendly, that gives users more rooms to navigates, do attracts a lot of traffic.
Writing and marketing contents is not only the key factor in a blog or website success but the real success actually lies in the ability of the  readers or visitors to stay much longer on the blog or website. When a person visit a blog or website and the visitor is pissed off immediacy by returning back to the search result either because of the look of the website or blog or because he or she couldn’t find enough good stuff to stay on that blog or website.
The website or blog owner needs to do something about this by putting yourself in the position of the visitors what can actually make you as a person to leave or stick to a particular blog and remember’ it?.

However, the following tips or tactics can help improve your User experience as well as drive more traffic to your blog or website

Speed or Loading time of your blog
A blog or website that takes a lot of time to load or show up in the search results can easily turn a visitor off without hesitation compared to a blog or website that show up few seconds after being typed in the search engines. A lot of problem might prevent a blog or website from loading faster and the blog owner  really need to find a solution to this very problem before you start losing your visitors. The first major problem that can delay the loading time of a blog or website is the kind of hosting provider that the blog owner is using. It is also important for every blog or website owner to always put a check on the size of their blog or website images, it is always good we keep a thumbnail or medium size of our blog images in order to speed up the loading time.  Another thing we can used as blog owners is the cache plugin on wordpress, search for the plugin and install it on your blog.

Trusting the blog owner
It is always good when blog or website visitors know whom we are. A picture or an avatar representing the blog owner is always a good way to create trust in the mind of the readers. Also an about me pages telling visitors little things about us and a contact me page where visitors can chat with us is a good way to increase user experience

Make your blog mobile friendly
Another way to increase user experience on any blog or website is to make the blog or website a  mobile friendly one cause not all visitors would need a pc to view a blog post and when yours is not mobile friendly, you lose the traffic to other blogs or websites that are mobile friendly.

404 error and Broken Links
You should always check for 404 errors as well as broken links because gradually, you will be losing traffic and this is also not good for the search engines. If you are using wordpress platform, the problem of 404 error and broken links can be taken care of with the use of a redirection plugin as well as a broken links checker

Ability to Navigate on Your Blog or Website

Another way to improve the user experience on your blog or website is to give room for your visitors to navigate through your blog posts and pages. You can achieve this with the use of the  Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP) to show similar posts for the visitors to be able to stay a little bit longer on your blog or website. Also your pages should be such that the readers  can click through them without error.

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