How To Make Money Buying Traffic

blog trafficIt is obvious that to make money from any blog or website, one would need to flood that website or blog with visitors day in day out. It is also possible to achieve this either through free sources, cheap sources or paid sources. The fear now is if is going to work out- spending less on traffic and achieving the best results. The best and the wise choice is to go for traffic that will

give the maximum results.

It is important to know the different traffic sources that are available and to be able choose the one that suite ones needs. These traffic sources are of different qualities and of various prices;

Firstly, we have the Bot traffic. This traffic is gotten from a particular software. It is usually advisable to avoid traffic from this particular source because there is little or no human interactions there. Interms of quality and cost, the traffic source is of low quality and it either free or less expensive. It is mostly cheap or free and it mostly ineffective. Driving traffic to Ads placed on your blog or website may yield little or no results and this traffic source can frown upon and easily blocked by the company or networks you are working for or working with.

Another type of traffic that can be used in making money through ones’ blog or website is the clickfarm kind of traffic. These are human traffic. i.e it involves set of humans paid to click ads or websites. The quality of this traffic source is higher when compared with the bot traffic. It is just that the bot traffic is cheaper.

The last among the list of traffic sources, is the paid one. This paid source is regarded as being the best traffic source  because it involves human interactions and the traffic is of high quality but it may be expensive. It is usually referred to as pay per click.

However, it is possible to make money buying or through these traffic sources. The bot traffic can generate revenue if you are dealing with Ads networks that pay per impression rather than per conversion. You can get little commissions paid per view or a thousand views.

The clickfarm traffic can also generate a few bucks either via affiliate marketing or CPA networks. You purchase cheaper traffic to make a few cents. However, it is advisable not to mix this type of traffic with your organic visitors because it can easily destroy search rankings and can affect ones’ SEO.

Buying traffic from a paid source is usually much more expensive but its pays off in the longrun. These are pay per click Ads campaign you get from third parties like Google, Bing or Facebook. To make the most out of your website or blog, you can monetize the blog or websites by selling Ebooks or Softwares via affiliates marketing, CPA network or Google Adsense.

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