How To Migrate From Blogspot To WordPress

I actually started with BlogSpot platform in my blogging journey, when I started my blogging business cause is always wise  to start with zero investment when you are a complete newbie. After getting used to the basics of  Blogging, then I taught of migrating  to WordPress. Migration from BlogSpot to WordPress requires two things; A Domain name and hosting.

Before migrating from BlogSpot to WordPress, the following should  be  at the back of your mind; Don’t  give alots of 404 error pages to your visitors.

The migration should be 301 perma-redirection else you will lose your existing search engine ranking. 301 permanent redirection means telling the search engine that your blog  is  moved to a new website, and all your traffic will automatically redirect to new domain address. Also,  BlogSpot permalink and WordPress permalinks are not the same, and it’s important that you fix permalink after importing everything to WordPress. And finally, don’t delete your BlogSpot blog after migration.

 Things to  migrate

Migrate visitors from BlogSpot to WordPress Migrate BlogSpot posts to WordPress

Migrate BlogSpot Comments to WordPress Redirecting users to the post, rather than just homepage of new domain

Migrate Feedburner feeds

Migrate BlogSpot Images to WordPress

The very first step you need to take  is exporting your BlogSpot blog. To do this, log in to your BlogSpot dashboard. Click on Settings Go to Other and click on export blog. This will save your blog in XML format.

Click on download blog  and  it would save your blog in the .xml file format. With this, you have taken a complete backup of your BlogSpot blog  and now you need to move your blog to WordPress.  

On your wordpress dashboard,  delete the Hello World post as well as the sample page. Then install the Blogger importer Extended plugin- This is a great plugin that would help you migrate all your posts, pages, images, comments & also maintain the formatting of your blog.

Once this is done, then is time to migrate your blogspot to wordpress. Do remember, our target is not to lose existing ranking & traffic.  On the blogger importer extended plugin, click on ok for it to have  access to your BlogSpot account. This will bring up screen like the on below, and you need to click on Start Import Now that your blog is being migrated, the next thigh is to link the contents to the users. If it’s single authored WordPress blog, you don’t need to do much. But if you have multiple writers, you need to create an id for each of them.

Also,  make sure your wordpress permalink matches that of your blogspot. To do this, go to settings on your wordpress dashboard, click on permalink, on the custom section, paste this code


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