How to Start a Cake Making Business

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This website aim out bringing out the entrepreneurial skills in us as moms and that is why we try as much as possible to tell us about the different businesses we can start on a small budget and become mom bosses working from home or offices.

The cake making business is very lucrative in Nigeria and if done right, is very profitable as well following some simple steps.

To setup a baking business can be very exciting and tricky especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. The following steps will help you in getting started;

1. Adequate Knowledge

This is very important in any business. Having adequate knowledge about the business you are about to start is very crucial to the success of that business. Just like I said in my previous post on how to start a makeup artist business in Nigeria, to succeed in any business, one needs to be passionate and knowledgeable in that business. To be a professional baker, you have to show the interest in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills. This is where most  people make mistake, a lot of people think that watching one or two videos on YouTube as qualified them as professional bakers. Cake making requires constant practices and creativity. It is advisable you invest a little in learning an aspect if not all from professionals especially in sugar craft and cake decorations.

2. Initial Capital Investment/Setup Costs

It is important to get your needed equipment and tools ready to kick start the business. Also, it is important to consider your initial set-up costs such as production cost, sample costs, delivery costs and storage using a proper business plan which will help in developing a strategy that would aid your business growth.


3. Understand food safety

Food safety and preparation regulations must be in place and must be dully followed. You must learn proper preservation of foods and un-used ingredients to avoid food poisoning. Foods must be correctly labelled and sell-by dates. Make sure your kitchen is up to standard and your surroundings is very clean to avoid food contamination.

4.Have an Online Presence for your Business

Online presence can contribute to the fast growth and success of any business. Online presence ranges from having a business website to social media presence etc. Building a website for your business is easier than you might think. And if you think you can’t do it yourself, contact me, I will only charge a small fee.

Selling cake-making services online can be a great way to reaching a large audience and potential customers. Social media will is a great way to showcase your business.  Explore Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest by engaging and interacting  with your audience with good images of your products and services. Also, you can be adding video contents to your page or social media handles from time to time to showcase your professionalism in order to develop more trust and be able to convert followers to potential buyers. Expand your revenue streams through social media and a website.

4.  Business Name Registration

As you grow in the cake making business, it is advisable you register your business. Think of a name that is very close to what you do in your business. Think carefully before picking a name. The name must be flexible enough to be able to expand the business in the future

6. Stand out from the Crowd

There are lot of professional bakers out there and there is the need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. You can carve a sub niche for yourself within the cake making niche by concentration on either children’s party cupcakes or wedding/anniversaries cakes. It is also important to have the knowledge of your local market and have a good customer relation techniques.

7. Marketing! Marketing!! Marketing!!!

This is the most important aspect of your business. If you don’t market your business, how would people be aware of what you sell or the services you rendered. People need to discover your cakes, so it’s important to think about marketing strategies. You can use social media to reach potential customers, print flyers and distribute in places you feel your services might be required, use Google and Bing ads as well as Facebook advertising network.

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