How To Start A Makeup Artists Business in Nigeria

<img src = "makeupbiz.png" alt = "makeupbiz">The beauty Industry is huge and the earlier you can carve out a niche for yourself and be your own boss the better. Makeup is the in-thing nowadays, everybody wants to look beautiful especially for special occasions like marriage ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, social gatherings and even burial ceremonies and makeup business, if taken seriously, you are in for real profit. A good makeup artist charges as much as 50k per makeup session and some charges even more than that. Makeup artist is a business, and it is imperative for those interested in starting out to treat it as such in order to achieve success.

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Every business has its own requirements, pros and cons and makeup artist business is not an exemption.

The following are the Steps Involve in Starting a Makeup Artist Business in Nigeria

  1. Passion and Knowledge: To succeed in any business, one needs to be passionate and knowledgeable in that business. To be a professional makeup artist, you have to show the interest in acquiring the basic knowledge. You must have some basic knowledge about the terms, products, kits and all other things associated with the makeup industry. All its requires is the interest first before every other things follows. Although, some people acquire degrees in cosmology but trust me, it is not enough without some creativity and the ability to stand out in what you do.
2.    Define your objectives and your niche market

In any business, you must be able to define your objectives and know the reasons you are going into that business and what you intend to achieve apart from the profit. Define your objectives, who do you intend to help with your skills, who are your audience, what are your objectives on the dark skin and the naturalistas? How do you intern to help them get colours that would match their skin type and bring out their beauty? The beauty industry is wide; identify a segment of the market which you will focus on. You have to be able to define your objectives, niche and know your audience in order to stand out from the crowd.

3. Go for authentic products always

The most crucial part of this kind of business is sourcing for original and authentic products to use on your clients. Find out how and where to source original products. You can Google some of the brands you intend to list and even contact them directly from their websites. Find out about prices of products, shipping and every other thing you need to know. One of the advantages of buying directly from the brand/an authorized distributor is the assurance of buying authentic products which is the best way to set yourself apart as a reliable and trustworthy makeup artist.

  1. Be Social and Available

This is crucial in virtually all businesses, everything shouldn’t be official and in protocol settings all the time, try and mix jokes with business sometimes for the sake of your clients and for your attitude to make them coming back and even referring customers to you. Also, are you available to travel as a makeup artist? You must always be available to travel cause makeup business requires you leave your comfort zone sometimes to attend to your clients. Be ready to move around and plan your business well to avoid clashing with other appointments you have with other clients.

5. Create a selling and marketing strategy

Once in a while, offer free service or do promos on your social media pages. You can also print business cards, brochures and flyers to advertise your services. Also, you can build a website or blog, give tips and sell products and services either through your website, on social media or using third party Ecommerce stores.

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