How to Start Dropshipping Business in 2019- Must have Checklist before Starting

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For those that may be wondering what dropshipping business model means, dropshipping business model is one of the most profitable online businesses in the ecommerce niche. It is a business model that is easy to setup but must be run and manage with the right tools and marketing strategies.
In dropshipping business, you don’t have to own the product or stock the product, all you have to do is to forward your customers’ orders to your dropshipping supplier and him/her handles the shipping process while you bank your profit. As easy as it may sound, dropshipping business goes beyond that, it involves putting the right tools and marketing strategies in place to make it successful.

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The following are the must have checklist that would serve as a guide  and help in achieving success in your dropshipping business journey;

1. Knowledge on How Drop shipping Business Model Works
To be successful in dropshipping business, you must understand how it works. You must understand the various steps involved in running a successful dropshipping business. Sincerely, starting a drop shipping business is not something difficult, it is a business model that is very easy to learn and launch within days but you must understand the various marketing strategies in order to be successful in the business.

2. Determination to Succeed
Yes! You must prepare your mind for success. The reason you want to launch an online store is well known to you but you must be ready to give it your best and attain success.

3. Dropshipping Niche idea
The niche you chose for your drop shipping business determines your level of success. You must understand the various drop shipping niches in order to choose wisely. Selecting your drop shipping niche or niches wisely is the key to sales and profits.
In choosing a niche, check if there are enough relevant items on different marketplaces, check for related items to dropship for cross sell, look out for reliable suppliers and reasonable profit margin. Narrow your niche down to one or two products, gather enough information about your products and become an expert in your chosen niche.

4. PC/ Laptop and a Good Internet Connection
Another must have item on the list is your dropshipping gadgets. Though, most websites or ecommerce stores are mobile optimized which makes it pretty good to use your phone for your business. But still, if you can afford a PC or laptop is all well and good You can conveniently manage your ecommerce or dropshipping store via a phone, pc or laptop, all you need is a good and strong internet connection.

5. Knowledge of the Various Marketplaces
There are various marketplaces you can use for your dropshipping business among which are Amazon Ebay, China Brand, Spocket, CJ, AliExpress, Bangoo etc but most dropshippers use Aliexpress for various reasons. Aliexpress is considered to be one of the most convenient and safe place to look for reliable dropshipping suppliers. Most suppliers on Aliexpress are always ready to cooperate with small scale businesses/Young Entrepreneurs. It is important for you to understand how the platform works, how to place orders, how orders are processed and shipped to customers as well as how returns and refunds issues are handled.

6. A Dropshipping Store/Website
In running an online dropshipping business, a website is a must have for easy running of the business. A dropshipping store will increase the level of exposure and the level of trust in your brand. A webstore showcasing your various products would make it more convenient for your customers to place their orders.
To design a professional looking dropshipping store, you will need a domain name and an hosting plan. A domain name is the name your store bears online which is the basis of your dropshipping business while hosting is the service that makes your store visible on the internet.

To buy a suitable domain name use Namecheap or Bluehost services which are the most famous and reliable domain name service providers. You can also use Smartweb and Whogohost but for a reliable hosting services, I would recommend Bluehost or Alidropship hosting services.
Alidropship is a company that is specifically dedicated to dropshipping business. Their aim is to help most dropshippers succeed through their various services- plugins, themes, hosting as well as add-ons.
In designing your webstore, there are various options available to you, which are;
WordPress and Woocommerce
WordPress and Alidropship Plugin
Alidropship Custom Store
• Shopify Platform


Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

In designing your webstore using wordpress and woocommerce, you can refer to my previous post on how to setup an online store with wordpress.

The second option which happens to be my favorite, is the use of wordpress and Alidropship plugin. This option is recommended for less techy individuals. The plugin makes dropshipping business much more easier to run and scale. Starting from store customization, product importations to order fulfillment. This plugin does them all. You ONLY need to focus on customer acquisitions and sales. And to take things further, Alidropship has some other plugins that would help your dropshipping business skyrocket in terms of sales.

Some of these plugins are Social Rabbit Plugins, Abandoned cart plugin, Email list, Discount, Cross-sell etc
You can visit their website to check out some of their amazing products (plugins, themes hosting, custom store and add-ons). And the good news is that all their products come with a 10% off any order. Just remember to use the Coupon code “smart10” at checkout.


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After purchasing your domain name and hosting, all you have to do is to install wordpress from your cpanel, download the Alidropship plugin and upload it into your wordpress site and you are good to go. With the use of the plugin, your dropshipping business journey is bound to be an enjoyable and relaxed experience.
With the alidropship plugin, you are able to customize your store to your taste, import products into your store seamlessly, change product prices and descriptions, import product reviews and automatically fulfil your customers’ orders.

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Another option in designing your dropshipping website is to get a custom store from Alidropship. A custom store is a ready setup e-commerce store developed by highly skilled staff of Alidropship. The custom store is perfect for those that have little or no knowledge of how to design a website/those that want to start dropshipping business as a side hustle but have no time to build a webstore. Alidropship custom store is a quicker way to start a dropshipping business with aliexpress. The custom store will be linked with aliexpress with the help of alidropship plugin. A custom store on Alidropship would cost you a one time payment of $299 for the basic plan, $399 Advanced plan and $899 for the Ultimate plan and all the plans comes with a $10% off excluding hosting.


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Last but not the least option in designing your dropshipping store is to use shopify platform. Shopify is an ecommerce platform that help in designing a professional looking dropshipping store but charges a monthly fee of $29 per month. It comes with a 14days trial to setup your store.


7. Product Pricing
Product pricing has to do with how you fix the prices of products in your dropshipping store. Pricing strategy is important in determining your profit margin in dropshipping business. The price of products in your store should be higher than the original price of the same product in the marketplace which is going to be your profit.
You need to set a price that is not too high for your customers to make a buying decision fast but not too low so as not to cut off your profit margin. If you are going to be building your store with AliDropship plugin then you have nothing to worry about concerning pricing because the plugin has a special feature that allows you to set up your own pricing rules that would ensure you make profits.

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8. Marketing strategies
You need to understand the strategies you are going to adopt in promoting your dropshipping store because without proper marketing, your store may not be visible to potential customers. You must have a prior knowledge of your target audience. Some of the marketing strategies you can adopt are Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Email marketing and Pay per clicks advertising.
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