How to Submit Your Blog’s Sitemap to Google Search Console

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_193/' data-src="sitemap.png" alt=s"itemap">To submit the blog sitemap of a Blog or website to Google search console is another SEO practice necessary for every blogger. This submission is a step to make  Google visits your website or blog.
Google search console/Google Webmaster Tools is a very good tool that helps to attain a complete index of a blog or website through blog sitemap.
A blog sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs inside a website or  blog. This file aids Google spider crawling rate in getting notice of all of the URLs present in a website or blog. When you submit a sitemap to the Google search console you are actually giving the search engines the chance to crawl all your pages and get them indexed.
It is possible to create a sitemap through a sitemap generator for some blogs or websites and it can also be done using the Yoast SEO plugin on wordpress after which we can then submit them to the search engines like bing, yandex and Google.

Each time you post a content on your blog or website, there is the need to resubmit this sitemap to the search engines but for those on wordpress once your sitemape is submitted once, it would be updated automatically each time you post a content.
Generating a blog sitemap for your wordpress blog or website requires the following steps:
First you need to verify your website or blog with both the  Google search console and  bing search console. To do this; Go to your blog or website admin dashboard
Locate setting and go to you Yoast SEO
Click on it and go to general
Click on the Google webmaster tools, it will open in a new tab
You will be presented with various options to verify your site but the option I went for was to place a generated codes from the webmaster tools on the space under the webmaster tools of the Yoast SEO
Go back to the webmaster tools page to click on verify and the you are done verifying your site or blog with the Google seach console and you can follow the same process for bing search console.
After verification, the next step is to log into your Google or bing search console account with the hope that the link to your sitemap is ready
On the dashboard locate the sitemap option then click on more to view all submitted sitemaps and you can submit a new one for a new website or blog by clicking on add sitemap.
Note that If your blog or website is full of images or videos, you will need to create an image or a video sitemap.

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