How to Write Text in Adobe Premier Pro 2019 (Text Style in Adobe Premier)

In today’s tutorial, we shall be talking about Three Text  Style in Adobe Premier Pro

There are three text style in adobe premier which can be found under Title in the menu bar. These are;

  • Default Still
  • Defalt Roll
  • Defalt Crawl

<img src = "textimage1.png" alt = "textimage1">

In the previous article, we made mention of default still when we were trying to write text on the video in the previous tutorial. The default still is the text that doesn’t move except you animate it in Adobe Premier.

The default roll and crawl are moving text. The default roll is usually used in movies where you list the names of each talent and their characters, i.e all the crew members in a particular movie either at the beginning of the movie or at the end of the movie. The default crawl text are the text you see crawling under a particular message or advert. It is usually used in news casting where you have breaking news crawling under the major news in media publications

To use the three texting styles, you need to locate them one after the other in the title from the menu bar.

<img src = "textimage2.png" alt = "textimage2">

You can then click on either the still, roll or crawl.

To use the still, go to title-choose default still- a text area will pop up for you to write the text. You can change the fonts, color, you can give the text an outer or inner stroke, you can even give it a shadow and a background.

<img src = "textimage3.png" alt = "textimage3"><img src = "textimage4.png" alt = "textimage4">


When you look at the text area of the default still, there is an icon there that shows the default roll or crawl should in case you will need to change the text from still to either roll or crawl.

<img src = "textimage5.png" alt = "textimage5">


It is important to note that for the default roll and crawl to move, you will need to check the box that says “start off screen and end off screen” under the timing frames  from the dialogue box that will pop up when chosen as shown below;

<img src = "textimage6.png" alt = "textimage6">


Then click on ok for a text area to be displayed to write the text

For more explanation on this tutorial, you can check out the video tutorial below and do leave us a comment.


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