Husband and Wife Duties and Rights in Marriage.

Having decided to get married, there are some duties and rights in marriage that the couples must Husband and Wife Rights and Dutiesunderstand and always follow for their relationship to grow and for peace to reign in the home.

The following are the rights of the wife and it is important for the husband to note them and fulfill these rights as his own duties

The wife’s rights – the Husband’s duties.

(1) Wife care and home maintenance

Taking good care of the wife and financial sustainability of the home is one of the duties of the husband as established in the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet. Either the wife is a Muslim, a non-Muslim, no matter how wealthy the woman is, it is still the duty of the husband to take good care of her. According to one of the hadiths of the prophet “The best Muslim is the husband” To be the best husband, you must be able to take care of your wife by clothing her, feeding her, comfortable accommodations, general body and health maintenance.

(2)  A gift “Mahr”

In our previous post about marriage, one of the conditions for a marriage to be valid is for the husband to give his wife a gift. This gift can be given immediately or later but it is still compulsory under Islamic law.

(3) Another right of the wife being the duty of the husband is to treat his wife with respect, kindness and equity in case he has another wife.

The Husband’s Rights – the wife’s duties.

Wives are like pillars of every home. It is the duty of the wife to see to the welfare and day to day running of the home for marital success to be achieved. Another responsibility of the wife is to always see to the needs of her husband, she must be obedient, faithful, displays honesty and trustworthiness always. To avoid suspicion, gossip and jealousy, a good wife is not allow to be alone with a male stranger and shouldn’t accept gifts from another man without the knowledge of her husband.

A good and dutiful wife shouldn’t push her husband into committing adultery. She must be sexually attractive at all times and be ready to fulfill her husband sexually needs or desires always. It must be noted that the husband must put into consideration the state of health of his wife in this matter. Also, a wife must be obedient to her husband but not at the detriment of Allah’s commandment.

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