Islam and Marriage

In Islam, celibacy is not allowed unlike in other religion where people can decide not to get married. Marriage in IslamMarriage is an obligatory aspect of Islam because according to an hadith narrated by anas “when a person gets married, half of his Deen (worship) is completed so let him/her fear Allah on the remaining half”. According to one of the sayings of the holy prophet “Marriage is my tradition who so ever keeps away from marriage is not from amongst me”. Via marriage, families are established constituting an important unit of every society. Islam never condemns sexual relations but doesn’t support free sexual relations with one another. In Islam, Marriage is the only legitimate way to intimacy. The main reason for marriage is that the couple can keep each other’s company, love each other, for procreation and to live in peace and tranquility. By choosing to get married, you are actually choosing the path of being obedient to Allah and his messenger because it is possible to choose to live a sinful lifestyle.

It must be noted that marriage is not a joke, once you have decided to get married, you must be committed. In marriage, both parties must agree to get married; no one must be forced to marry the other. Also, the person you have chosen to get married to must be your partner still death do you path

However, it is advisable that a man shouldn’t get married without the means of maintaining the wife and the home. Also, a man without sex drive, a man who lacks love for kids as well as a man who feels that getting married would affect his religious activities shouldn’t get married.

Marriage in Islam has some lay down rules or conditions that must be followed before the marriage is considered valid.

1) Those that are getting married must agree to get married

2) Two or more witnesses must be present at the marriage

3) Another condition is that the marriage should be known to people (Announcement).

4) The forth condition is “Mahr” that is a gift which must come from the groom to the bride.


It is a known fact that romance and love doesn’t guarantee you are going to get married to a particular person. This is why courtship is not allowed in Islam. Dating and living together all in the name of “trying to understand each other better” is not allowed in Islam. Most of these romance acclaimed by the young generations have proven to be unrealistic and harmful in most cases to the both parties. Alarming rate of divorce in our societies this days can be used to buttress this point.

People from the other religion consider marriage in Islam as an arranged marriage but in the true sense of it most arranged marriages have been proven to be more successful than courtship full of romance and at the end of the day doesn’t result into marriage. Most arranged marriages are based on the evaluation of the compatibility of the partners and not on physical or romantic premise which can lead both parties into problems if care is not taken. However, it is not allow for the partners to be forced to get married, the couple must agree before the marriage is considered valid.


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