Monetizing Your New Blog

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_213/' data-src="how-to-make-momey-with-a-new-blog.png" alt="how-to-make-momey-with-a-new-blog">Monetizing your new blog, shouldn’t always be the first priority of a new blogger. However, it is necessary cause you have really tried hard to put your blog together working day and night for it to showcase you. A nice blog you have here! But what are you waiting for? Why not let us do some monetizing with your blog.


AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog/website. It involves selling other peoples’ products and earning commissions whenever sales are made. All you need do is to sign up for some affiliate marketing programmes, start promoting products and start making money.

NOTE; It is important you promote quality product and it is much more advisable to promote products that you have tried for reputation sake.


Some of the affiliate programmes you can sign up for are JV ZOO affiliate programme, Amazon associates programmes, worriorplus, clickbank etc. Each sales you make would lead to a reward in form of commission.


It is possible to create a separate page for your own product on your website/blog be it an eBook or digital product and when people see and like it on your site/blog, they can easily purchase it from there.


It is in fact a great way to make some cash from your blog/website. This is possible by creating an advert space on your website/blog for people or organizations to come and advertize on your website/blog. You can actually email some organizations to let them know that they can actually advertize their products on your blog and name your price base on the number of days the advert would stay on your blog/website.


This is another sensible way to make money from your blog/website. It involves sending people to an offer or a product owned by other marketers for a reward or commission. You can achieve this by writing a review or an article on that particular offer or product and giving them your referrer link and when those links are clicked or when sales are made, you get a reward/commission. Some the leads or referrer programs you can sign up for are;,,,,  etc. Sign up for these programmes, start referring people and start making money.



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