New Trends In Blogging

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New Trends In Blogging

Talking about new trends in blogging, am actually referring to videos and graphics in blog posts.

Videos and Graphics are new trends in blogging because they are becoming popular these days being  more eye-catching than a textual article. If you want to keep your blog up-to-date and interesting, adding videos and graphics as a focal point is necessary using the following tips;

Include graphics and video in your blog without overwhelming your readers Having graphics and video in your blog posts is necessary for a more interesting blog. You need to make sure your blog doesn’t look busy and cluttered. Keep photo thumbnails the same size, arrange them so the color scheme flows pleasingly to the eye and group similar graphic themes together to create attention grabbing content.

If you display featured posts, or all of your most recent posts, on the front page of your blog, the last thing you want is a stack of auto-play videos overwhelming anyone who navigates to your blog. Make sure the static video displays an image that gives readers an idea of what they will find if they click the play button.     Make the content focus of the blog   Always relate your post to main keyword of your blog and your video or graphics should be related to the post.

Also, the theme of your blog should be bright enough but not with a flashy header graphics or complicated structures. Your blog should be professional, neat and responsive for mobile devices. After all, the thing you want visitors to be attracted by is your content. With a basic template, the content itself needs to be eye-catching. No one can argue with the fact that a stock photo slideshow, a clip art-filled info graphic or a video attract the attention more than black text on a white background.

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