Pay Per Clicks Arbitrage

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_234/' data-src="pay per click arbitrage.png">Making profit  from internet marketing by doing less work is actually possible through Pay Per Clicks Arbitrage.

Pay Per Click is an advertising network that involves either showing yours or peoples’s Ads on your website or advertising a product or promotion of other companies. When u Arbitrage pay par click is like standing as an

intermediary  between your site and other networks or companies in promoting their businesses and make your cool cash on commissions from performing this simple task. Making money is easy with pay per click arbitrage but u will need to get registered with so many networks or company to make more money. You place their ads based on the amount of commissions you can make from the companies or networks.

Just like I said in my previous posts an paying for pay per click ads in running your businesses that you don’t over pay for advertisement in order to maximize your earnings.

However, Google network actually dislike pay per click arbitrage and they can actually refuse to promote a pay per click arbitrage site and at times such sites can be suspended or blocked.

Also most companies or networks don’t like to go for websites or blogs that practices Pay per click arbitrage in promoting their businesses because they believe its less expensive dealing with the ads networks directly rather than going through pay per clicks arbitrage websites or blogs in promoting their businesses or products.
At times if a network or company is to pay- let say $2 for an ad, because you as a blog or website owner have stood as an intermediary between the company and the ads network, they have been forced to pay more say $4 so that some percentage could be  share with you or your website which seems is an obstructions to the companies or networks.





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