Redirecting Of Blogger Visitors To WordPress

<img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Redirecting Of Blogger Visitors To WordPress.png" alt="Redirecting Of Blogger Visitors To WordPress">Having done my redirecting of blogger visitors to wordpress, i thought of sharing  it with you.

To redirect your blogger visitors to wordpress, you must have migrated your blogger blog to wordpress on a self hosted service.

To migrate from blogger to worpress, read this

When you Import or migrate your blog on blogger to  WordPress, you are actually moving  your blog posts and other content to your new WordPress site, but it won’t automatically redirect your Blogger readers. To set up an automatic redirect from Blogger to WordPress, you’ll need to import your content and then install and configure the free Blogger-to-WordPress Redirection plug-in. This plugin generate a  code for  you to paste into your Blogger blog template to automatically forward all visitors to your WordPress site.

Importing your Blogger Blog to wordpress involves the following steps;

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Log in to your WordPress blog. Click “Tools” in the menu on the left and then click “Import.”

Click the radio button next to “Blogger” to select this import option. Click the “Authorize” button and then click the “Grant Access” button. When prompted, enter your Blogger username and password.

Click the “Import” button next to the URL Web address of the Blogger blog that you want to import to WordPress. Once you’ve imported your Blogger blog, you can set up a redirect to move all of your traffic to WordPress.

Installing the  Redirection Plug-In

Click the “Plug-Ins” link in the left navigation menu of your WordPress dashboard page.

Click the “Add New” button to launch the Install Plug-Ins screen. Type “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” into the Search field and click the “Search Plug-Ins” button.

Click the “Install Now” button under the Blogger to WordPress Redirection title and description in the search results. WordPress installs the plug-in on your blog.

Click the “Tools” tab in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard page. Click “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” in the context menu under the Tools heading.

Click the “Start Configuration” button in the main pane. Click the “Get Code” button to generate the code you’ll need to install on your Blogger blog to implement the redirection. Highlight and copy the redirection code in the code box.

The next steps is to place or paste the codes generated into your blogger blog by;

Signing in to your blogger blog account and click on template and locate the edit HTML, delete all the codes the your template html and paste the code you generated from wordpress blog inside it and save changes. You can test this by clicking on post in your blogger blog and you should be redirected immediately to your wordpress blog.


Sign in to your Blogger account. Click the “Design” link under the name of the blog that you want to redirect to WordPress. Click “Edit HTML” in the gray submenu at the top of the Blogger Design settings page.

Click the “Download Full Template” link at the top of the page to store a backup copy of your original Blogger template should you want to use it again.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the blue “Revert to Classic Template” link.

Paste the redirection code into the top of the HTML code box in the “Edit Template” section. Click the “Save Template” button to save your changes and implement the redirection


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