SEO Knowledge Needed For Your Blog

Having the basic SEO {Search Engine Optimization} knowledge is very essential for every blog  on the internet cause it goes a long way in determining how the blog would be crawled by search engines, pagerank of the blog or website as well as the level of organic traffic that the blog or website might get.

SEO practically involves two things; The keyword, the pagerank or backlinks.

Finding a perfect keyword for blog post is very important before publishing that post. What do you think people might be searching for that would made them to visit your blog or website? The keyword describes your post. In getting a perfect keyword for blog post, you can make use of the google adword keyword tools to search for a popular keyword interms of volume and competition.
Also, let your keyword be found in your post title, in your URL (permalink), in the first paragraph of the post as well as a subheadings like H2 or H4

PageRank or Backlinks
A pagerank describes how important a blog is on the internet or web interms of its contents. When a blog posts are relevant on the web, people are likely to link to it and this linking would serve as a kind of vote for the blog. The more visitors link to a blog, the more likely the blog or website would rank on the internet. Getting backlinks from blogs or website already ranking in search engines would likely increase the page rank of a new blog or website but you have to be careful cause too much links may as well harm your blog or website.

It is highly advisable not to buy backlinks cause these backlinks might do more harm than good to your blog or website.
Getting backlinks from a blog or website with good ranking  in the search engine is highly recommended.
A single backlink from an authority domain is better than several backlinks from various blogs or website. Also, you can use an anthor text in form of links in  your blog posts


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