Seven Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger


<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_205/' data-src="why-you-should-blog-1.png" alt=why-you-should-blog-1>In this post- Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger, i intend to show you how great the art of blogging is. Believe me, being a Blogger is a great experience. Some people believe that being a Blogger is just a waste of time  while others see it as a means to earn some extra income  but aside the money, the following also applies;

Talent: Being a Blogger, makes you more talented. Blogging brings out the writing talent in every individuals that venture into it. There are lot of great writers out there without them being aware of how talented they are until they start Blogging.

Mentor: Bloggers are seen as mentors in all niches or fields. The advices of Bloggers are taken seriously by all their readers. About 90% of the people visiting the internet are information seekers who need to solve a problem. Thus, the various great contents available to them on the internet are used wisely.

Income: A lot of people have made alot of cash through blogging but as an upcoming blogger, money should not be the first priority cause if you place money first, you may be discouraged and disappointed if the cash is not forth coming.

Sense of Fulfillment and Achievement: As individuals seek for informations on the internet and as they visit your blog, they tend to seek for advices and at times they bring up an argument inform of comments and other information seekers gained from it and as you wake up daily to see all these on your blog, there is this joy of achievement and fulfillment within you.

Exposure: Blogging helps Bloggers to be more exposed. The more they write, the more they have  more  informations at hand to be put inform of contents. Bloggers are also expose to other things in their niches which they themselves do not believe its existed.

Room for Inspiration: Blogging gives room for thinking and thoughts. As a Blogger, you are opportune to witness various ideas running in your mind and at times you may be sitting or relaxing and an idea may come up and the next thing you will be thinking of is how to put this thought on your blog inform of content. Thus, as a Blogger, your contents are always with you, all you need is to think it and put it into writing.

Role Model: A blogger should not be seen as a Yahoo Yahoo boy. It took me along time to understand that there are many opportunities available on the internet. I used to see people carrying laptops here and there as Yahoo Yahoo boys because of the way they behave in their neighbourhood, especially when they are driving on the high way but as time goes on, I was made to understand that there are so many legitimate ways to make it online.

Requirements for Blogging;

A domain name

An hosting account

A website or blog.

Have fun blogging!

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