Side-Hustles That Can Fetch You Extra Income in Nigeria Today!

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I will like to start writing  this article by asking the question “What is side-hustle?” Side hustle is a process of making some extra cash either online or offline without necessarily quitting your full time job. In Nigeria of today where the standard of living of an average individual is falling while the cost of living keeps rising, one definitely need a side hustle. Side hustle is the  a way of earning extra cash as a salary earner before your monthly salary arrives.

This leads me to the next question of “what can you start as a side hustle?”

What are you genuinely passionate about that can fetch you extra cash today? Side hustle can be regarded as your true passion for something that can give and always give room for the ability to pursue other activities or jobs/career path. These ranges from driving, fashion, cake making, photography, social media services, virtual assistants etc. As long as its fetches you an extra cash before the main salary arrives.

The following are the list of some of the side hustles you can start in Nigeria and be making extra cash from today;


  1. Content Writing

There are lot of firms and organizations in Nigeria looking for people to help develop some contents for their businesses and services. If you are a good writer and you’ve got the passion for writing, why not start this as a side hustle today and be making extra cash in your country Nigeria. You can be doing this on a part time basis say weekends or every night copywriting or creating contents for businesses and organisations. There are lot of freelancer sites out there where you can post your services for free to get job done for clients.

  1. Social media/digital marketing

Do you agree with me that digital marketing business is very lucrative?  Social media is not all about chatting with friends and loved ones, there is a lot of money to be made on social media this days. Take this as a side hustle today and thank me later. You can run a marketing campaign for an organization or join a social media  chat/event and get paid. You can help firm and organizations in managing their social media accounts and be getting extra income from it without quitting your 9am-5pm job Enjoy the social media while you take extra cash for monitoring that Facebook/Twitter post or activity. All you need to start is your free hours, a browsing phone and internet connection.

  1. Weekend Coaching

Coaching involve tutoring students and even professionals on how to improve on their chosen careers. You can start a side hustle and be earning extra cash by coaching students in some subjects’ areas they are finding difficult. You can also start a side hustle by taking professional courses to help people in some industries improved in their chosen careers. You can be earning up to 50k and above monthly, all its requires is sometime on weekends

  1. Real Estate Agent

It is very possible to be earning a substantial amount from this side hustle business by being a real estate agent especially in Lagos and Abuja. There are lot of people looking for houses and landed properties every now and then. You can earn commission for being an agent In any part of the country (Nigeria) especially in Lagos or Abuja. Believe me when I say that you can be getting huge earnings from this side-hustle though on commission basis. For instance, in Lagos, for every transaction on landed property or house, you can be sure of making a commission of 10%-20%

  1. Taxi Driving

Are you an experience driver? Do you own a car or do you have access to a relative or neighbour’s car? If your answer is yes, then why complain of cash when you can start a side hustle by being a taxi driver on a part time or full time basis. If you own or have access to a car and live in Lagos or Abuja you can earn some extra cash joining Uber or Taxify and be getting extra cash.

  1. Fashion designing/Tailoring

Fashion designing/Tailoring is one business that I have known to always generate profits due to the fact that people would always cloth themselves and look good especially during weekends where we always have some owambes and functions/parties to attend. You can position yourself as a professional fashion designer on a part time say every evening after work or weekends or on a full time basis and be making extra cash before your monthly salary payment.

Perhaps you know other side hustles you think it would benefit Nigerians, do share them with us in the comment section.


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