Starting Your Business or Entrepreneurship Journey As A Muslimah Mom

You have decided to start your Business journey. Honestly, It is a wiser decision one could ever make in life. To be your own boss and contributing to the smooth running of the home. Having decided to start your own business, there are some basic Islamic injunctions or rules that you should always be conscious of as abusinessmuslimah or muslim mom. These are;

Believe In Yourself and Rely only on Allah

The most important aspect in starting a business is having the passion for what you believe in and working towards achieving your goals. This will always give you the zeal and enthusiasm to work towards achieving your set objectives. Although, challenges and obstacles will occur but believing in oneself and relying only on the Almighty should always be paramount in our heart. Honestly, decision to work the path of entrepreneurship might be tough initially cause the outcome of this journey is usually unknown but attempting to work this path might be fulfilling in the end. It is very important to always stay positive and think positively and believe that with Almighty Allah on your side, all things are possible. As entrepreneur moms in islam, we should always rely on Allah and always be thankful for getting the opportunity of pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals.

Honesty and Kindness

Honesty and kindness are part of the character of the holy Prophet (PBUH) that we as Muslims should always emulate. The prophet was known for his trustworthiness, integrity, kindness, politeness and honesty in business dealings during his life time. Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) was the most trustworthy person among the business community in Mecca. His honesty in business became the attraction for other investors and business merchants. The Prophet used to preach honesty and kindness as the secrets of success in business. We should always be conscious of this cause business in Islam is not all about achieving your goal but the most important thing is how those goals were achieved

Halal value for People

Entrepreneurship in Islam entails creating of values for people especially your customers by contributing or impacting positively into their lives by helping them in relieving some pains. As Muslimah Mompreneurs, we should always be conscious of the fact that we shouldn’t think of earning what we didn’t work for.

Give Alms and Zakat

We should always think of helping the less privilege from what we earn no matter how small. We can always contribute through clothes, food as well as through various ways we can bring smiles to peoples’ faces. Creating a giving culture is also a good thing, remember, givers never lack.

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