Three Business Ideas for New Mompreneurs

<img src="business ideas for new mompreneurs.png" alt="business ideas for new mompreneurs">The following business ideas are suggested for new moms with first hand experience on taking care of toddlers, babies as well as children.  As a new mom, with first hand experience working with children and raising a family, these business ideas are for you.

1. Daycare

The rate at which new moms are taking up careers and day jobs these days, leads to an increase in the numbers of daycares and crèches being established. Some new moms can’t even wait for their maternity leave to be over, increasing the need for a good, trusted and reputable daycare centre or centres for proper care for their kids. And if you’re already spending time at home caring for your own kids, you can tap into this business even within the comfort of your home. You might want to consider opening up your home to friends’ and neighbors’ children. Before you know it, you could be running a full-blown daycare business out of your home and be making a living out of it.

Trust me when I say, this business idea (Daycare) actually fits into the routine and lifestyles of mothers who are willing to take it up. It requires little or no capital to start. However, one would need to gather the necessary business licenses to legally run a daycare out of one’s home.

2. Baby Products

Being a creative mom with first hand experience about toddlers and babies, you can tap into this business by making handmade baby products and adding them into the baby products market or buying and reselling other baby products. Also, as a creative mom, you can think of a baby product or products to invent or produce to help other nursing mothers.

Mothers love baby products that are natural and affordable, new mompreneur can tap into this business of producing natural baby products like baby soaps, baby oil etc. at affordable prices.

3. Baby Planner

I know a lot of experienced mothers are hearing this kind of business idea for the first time. That you can actually help new parents or expecting families in planning the arrivals of their baby or babies and be making a living from it. As a new or experienced mother, you can render professional baby planning services like setting up a baby room, baby-proofing a house, and preparing a couple for the big day for expecting families that are  new to parenthood and who are willing to pay for it.

When you think closely about your skills, career opportunities as well as motherhood experience, you’ll find that there are tons of ways to be a mompreneur—balancing your family and your business or career at the same time.

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