Three Types of Blogs and How They Can Help Your Business

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_275/' data-src="Types of blogs.png" alt="Types of blogs">Blogging remains a popular way of building an online business. There are millions of different blogs on the internet but we can actually group them into three;

Affiliate Marketing or Niche Blogs

These are popular kind of blogs run by most bloggers online to showcase other peoples’ products and to convince visitors on why they need the product. It is also a kind of blog where you can get an up to date content on different products or reviews, special offers and discounts sales. These blogs are easy to create and with proper search engine optimization and marketing techniques,  the income is enormous!

Personal Lifestyle  Blogs

These kind of blogs are set up to discuss or showcase one’s personal way of living. What you do, what you love doing, where you love visiting monthly or during summer holiday. It also involves expressing your taught on a particular issue on trend. These blogs are similar to old-fashioned journals in that they simply include random information and thoughts of the writer Obviously, it would be difficult to make money just talking about your lifestyle in general but with the inclusion of contextual advertising like Google AdSense and affiliate products or advertizing space on your blog, it would be much more easier to turn your ideas into success.

Online Newsletter in form of a Blog

A popular saying that money is in the list but that doesn’t mean you should only collect opt in email subscribers in order to market products and services to them. A regular scheduled blog posts can take the place of emails if the bulk of your subscribers are used to reading online or using RSS feeds to post the new information or content. Posting up-to-date information on a newsletter style blog may actually be more effective than sending this information to opt in subscribers only. After all, everybody who comes to your site can get to the new information. Newsletter blogs can include company informations, articles, product reviews and descriptions, special announcements.

These three types of blogs may seem different from one another but they all still retain the same purpose and structure. Quality content with proper SEO displayed in a neat and accessible format for anyone who navigates to the blogging platform or website. They remain  powerful tools for building online businesses, connecting to both existing and potential customers and clients and increasing brand recognition and a positive reputation.

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