Tips for Choosing a Great Business Name for Your Business

One of the most crucial aspect in starting a business or being an entrepreneur is choosing a business name. It is very challenging because it requires critical thinking. It might be an easy task for some business owners though, but for some businesses that encompasses many folds or aspects, choosing a suitable name or names might be a little bit difficult.

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The following tips should guide and help you in choosing a good business name for your business;

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming can actually be conducted after you must have discovered the guidelines for picking the best business name for your business. In conducting your brainstorming, it is important to be creative in order to achieve your aim. This brainstorming can be done alone initially after which you can either inform your partner or a friend just to see if they can ship in some ideas. At times, your kids may be able to do the magic of choosing the best business name unknowingly. You might come up with list of names and be able to choose the most perfect for the business.

2. Go Back to the drawing Board

It is important to consider your target audience, what you intend to offer, the message the name you choose will portray immediately people hear or see it, the kind of product or products you intend offering, the kind of services your business entails etc. You have to think and work inline your mission statement and business plan.

3. Patience

Having gotten a list containing your suggested or likely business names through brainstorming and critical thinking, then it is time to relax, do or think of something else or sleep on it for now, then come back after a day or two to go through the list again. Remove the names you think wouldn’t be able to portray what the business stand for as well those names that wouldn’t be able to fit in in terms of future expansion of the business, then choose the best name for your business but if you think you have not done enough, refer back to the first tip above.

4.  Google the Availability of the Business Name Chosen

In this forth tip, Google is your friend. You have to check up on Google for the availability of the business name you have chosen to see if no one is using the name presently. Check it up on Google as a single name or as a domain name including all its extensions like .com, .net, .org,, etc.

5. Register It

Having concluded and settled for the best name among the names  shortlisted for your business, the next step is to get it registered with the appropriate authorities in order to kick start your business. Good luck on kick starting your entrepreneurship journey!

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