Tips On A Good SEO Practice

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Optimizing your blog or website for the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yadex to find your contents is what am referring to as a good SEO Practice.

A good seo practice involves the following steps;

Read the webmaster guidelines from Google and Bing to know what it entails  for SEO. Follow the refresher course at Webmaster Academy and also read the starter guide  from Google.

Have an HTML sitemap so that all your blog pages are no more than 2-3 levels deep from the homepage.

When writing blog posts, always organize your content under sub-headings, use anchored headings and your images should have titles and captions.

Interlink your content so that both human visitors and search bots can find the gold hiding in your archives.

The post excerpt is important because it will show up in the search snippets and social news feeds where your articles will be shared. Do not auto-generate the excerpt, write it on your own.

Keep track of all the missing resources on your website (404 errors) and either fix them or redirect them to something related on your site. Xenuis a good tool to find the outdated links on your website.

Use breadcrumb menus because they will help the search bots understand the organization of content on your site.

Focus on typography because the reading experience matters. You can use Google Fonts like Open Sansand Roboto as they look good on both mobile and desktops.

Any page on your site has two parts – the main content (the article) and common content (sidebar, navigation, footer area, etc). As far as possible, the main content should be above the common content in the actual HTML source.

Make sure that your web design is responsive and that your site is mobile friendly. Work on improving your site speed score, load ads asynchronously and remove JavaScript widgets from your pages.

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