Tips On How To List Your Site for Sale on Flippa

<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_225/' data-src="flippa-1.png" alt="flippa-1">Another cool way to make money online is by selling your website or blog on flippa.

Flippa is a website that enables people to sell their site for cash. You can either buy and resale or build the blog or website from scratch and later put up for sale on flippa.

The reasons you may decide to flip your blog or website may be that your business failed or that you have actually started the blog or website in your desired niche but only to discover that your ideas are not as viable as expected and for this reason you may want to put it up for sale in the marketplace like flippa
However, before making your listing public certain factors must be considered,

Verify Your Identity
It is very important you verify your identity on flippa in order to gain peoples’ trust. You can do this by linking your Flippa account to other accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as well as through phone number.

Do You Really Want To Sell Your Site?
This question is very important because at times your blog or website might not be doing well and you may be contemplating on whether to sell it or not to sell it on flippa. At times you might want to sell your site or blog  as result of a drop in traffic but this  same problem can still be corrected by spending extra cash to revive it. Thus, you must decide whether it really worth it selling your site on flippa or not.

Make Sure the Website or Blog is Profitable
It is much more easier to sell a site or blog that is making money than a site or blog that is making little or no cash cause the buyers are buying for the sake of profit. Your blog or website must be making at least $300 in a month before it can be regarded as being profitable.

Provide Data of Your Site Upfront
 It is important you provide your buyers with the traffic reports of your site or blog upfront. Google analytics can be used to make these data ready available. Data reports for at least six to twelve months must be available before the buyer can consider you site or blog for purchase. Google analytics shows the number of visitors to the site, where the visitors are coming from, if the traffic is paid or direct traffic cause no one would want to purchase a site or blog that has no inherent value to offer. Also, it is important you are truthful in the description of your site or blog. Do not over boost your site or blog worth.

Set Reasonable Prices
It is recommended to always start your bid from $1. The price you are selling your blog or website shouldn’t be too outrageous. It is advisable you use an auction rather than the classified listing on flippa cause buyers usually check the auctions first, to see how many bids a particular blog or website has. Also, you can set a premium price for your website or blog.

Be Patient  
Auctions are usually set to run for like six to seven days before the site is sold to the highest bidder. Patience on your part is important because if the blog or website is sold before the seventh day, a buyer with a more higher offer might surface only to discover that the site has been sold.

Promote Your Auction Outside of Flippa
You can also promote the sales of your blog or website outside flippa. You can do this with social media like facebook and twitter.

Answer Comments on Your Listing
Buyers or people may still want to know more about the site or blog and they would like to do this through the comments. Try as much as possible to reply peoples’ comments to gain their trust.

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