Tips on How to Start Wearing the Hijab Properly

In my previous post, I wrote about the meaning of hijab. Today , I want us to look or discuss with us some tips on how to start wearing the hijab properly? This happens to so many of us, when you decided to start wearing the hijab, a lot of questions start running through your mind. Questions like: how do I look if I start wearing the hijab, what would people say or think of me, how would my parent take it etc. The most important thing we should always keep at the back of our minds is that wearing
the hijab is a way of pleasing Allah and no one else. You have to understand the purpose of the hijab before you can discover the beauty of hijab. Hijab shouldn’t be worn because your friends or family members are wearing it. It is one of Allah’s commandments that must be discovered and followed by you.  When you have understood the purpose and why you should wear the hijab, being comfortable in hijab becomes more easier.  


However, the following tips would help in guiding you on how to start wearing  the hijab properly;

  1. Understand why you should wear the hijab as a Muslim
  2. Make up your mind, you want to start wearing the hijab and pray that Allah make it easy for you.
  3. Prepare your friends or colleagues as well as your family members prior to wearing of hijab, so they wouldn’t feel shocked or try to change you when you eventually start wearing the it. You can bring up a discussion on hijab to see their reaction or thought and you can also make your opinion known to them about you wearing the hijab.
  4. Start wearing the hijab you are confortable in, choose your favorite colors, sizes and shapes wisely.
  5. Learn the various ways of styling the hijab among which is this video I found on YouTube;

6. You Rock!

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