Tips To Increase The Google Crawl Rate Of Your blog


<img src=',ret_wait,w_300,h_241/' data-src="Google-crawl-rate-2.png" alt="Google-crawl-rate">Another important part of a good SEO practice is an increase in Google crawl rate of a blog or website. It is very essential for your blog or website to be crawled immediately or few seconds after publishing a post. For an effective crawling and indexing to take place there is the need for the search engines to be able to navigate through your pages.

The following tips would help increase the crawl rate of your blog or website;

Sitemaps Submision
Submitting your blog or website sitemaps after creating them to either Google or Bing webmaster tools is a good way to increase the crawl rate of your blog or website. To increase the crawling and indexing rate of your blog/website a  Sitemap is essential.

Hosting service employed
The hosting of  your blog or website with a very good hosting service would not only keep your blog or website alive  but would also increase the crawling rate of  this same blog or website. Using a very reliable server for your blog or website is important for your blog or website to survive and be more indexed faster and frequently.

Loading Time of your Blog/Website
It is important to improve the loading time of your blog/website to enable a faster crawling and indexing of your blog/website.

Fresh Articles
Regularly posting of fresh content on your blog or website is a very good way to increase the crawl rate. The search engines love a blog or website that is updated regularly. Blogs and websites that are frequestly updated are more likely to be  crawled faster compared to a blog or website that doesn’t post regularly.

Pinging your websites/blogs
Notifying the search engines of fresh contents immediately after posting them is a good way to increase the crawl rate of the blog or website. Pinging of your blog/website could be done with the help of pingomatics and through other free online services.

Avoid Duplicate Contents
It advisable to always avoid duplicate or copied contents on your blog or website cause this can bring harm than good to your blog/website in terms of ranking. A good  way to check for duplicate content is the use of

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