Types of Clients Every Mompreneur Should Avoid

No business without its own challenge or challenges. One of the challenges one has to face in business is the challenges involve in dealing with various kind of clients. Some are pleasant while some are very difficult to please among which if possible should be avoided completely for the growth of the business.

  1. The Client Who Thinks He/She Knows Best

These are the kind of clients who think they know more than the business owner, every professional advice or recommendations is usually follow by series of arguments which at times might want to steal away your sanity if care is not taken. These set of customers or clients would never see you as an expert in your field, they always find a replacement to every suggestion or advice given by you. All you need to tell these set of clients is to trust you on this so as to avoid spending more than necessary time on these set of clients in order to get better results. When they trust you and you are able to achieve and deliver better results then, next time you have a business dealings with them, they will gladly cooperate with you without stress.

  1. Clients Who Want Huge Discount

There are some clients who wanted a huge discount on the best of product or services to the extent that they can even go below the cost price and instead of engaging in an unnecessary arguments with these set of clients or customers, it could be best you walk away or you let it be. Although, there are some clients who due to the fact that  they don’t trust your services may want to cut down your price unnecessarily just to avoid giving you the contract or taking your service or they may have seen a better offer and they are looking for ways to turn down your service or your product. These set of clients should be made to understand that cutting down the price could mean cutting down the quality of service so that when the job is done, there wouldn’t be any room for disappointment or arguments. These set of people want the best products or services at the lowest possible price and they tend to be too demanding, they are always on your neck to make sure the best value are gotten are that price

  1. Impatient Clients

There are some clients who want “express” on every task given to you. They give the job to you in one minute and they want it completed the next possible seconds as if you are a magician. This kind of business deal may pose problems later on, because the quality of service may not be ensured. These set of clients should be made to understand that for quality of service, it may require are hour or two except is in a situation where by you already have the product handy to be delivered on request. Also, it is important to the client know that express task requires countless hours to be completed with a short time, it may even be a kind of service that will eventually cost you a day or two days sleep, of course the higher price or amount may have to be charged before the job can be completed to avoid quarrel or trouble later on.

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