<img src='https://cdn.shortpixel.ai/client/q_lqip,ret_wait,w_275,h_183/http://www.entrepreneurmuslimmoms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/myblog14.jpg' data-src="who is a blogger.png" alt="who is a blogger">Who are  bloggers? A  Blogger is a person, who is so passionate about something. This may be an hubby, an habit, an experience or field. A Blogger is someone, who is knowledgeable about his hubby or habit and he is willing to share it with others. Bloggers solve problems of people in a particular field or niche.

Informations are freely available on the internet and most of these informations are usually  and actually provided by Bloggers. People uses most of these informations to solve personal or professional problems.


Enthusiasms: a Blogger must not just choose a niche or field just for the sake of it, he or she must be highly motivated by what his/her field requires. A good Blogger must not feel discouraged at any point in time. 

Hardworking: a good Blogger must be willing to work very hard. Blogging does not give room for laziness. A good Blogger must be very passionate about his/her blog and must be thinking of what to publish on his/her blog always.

Creativity:  a good Blogger must be creative at every point in time. The first thing to always consider after obtaining a Domain name and hosting service, is the theme of ones’ blog. A professional blog or website must be good looking and should always motivates its readers.

Great contents: A Blogger may not be vast in his/her chosen niches but at least should have an insight of what the field is about in order to be successful in it. A great content always motivate people to come back or revisit ones’ blog. A good Blogger must always try as much as possible to publish great content on his/her blog.

Response to peoples’ comments: As a blogger publish and launches  contents  on his/her blog by making his/her blog visible to people or visitors, they try to comment on the contents. As a good Blogger, one should not for any reason ignore peoples’ comments on his/her blog in form of question. Remember, as a Blogger you are solving peoples’ problems so your response to comments would be highly appreciated by your readers cause you might not know who will benefit from your answers









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